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How Bots Make Advertising Campaigns Cheaper [Top 5 Chatbot Benefits]

Previously Chatbots.Studio was considering how a bot helps business grow — optimizing information management and automating the work process.

So hold onto your hats, because this article is about how a bot can help decrease the costs of advertising campaigns and how it benefits businesses.

One of the lowest-cost ways of communication with the customer is a bot. Also, marketers increase productivity and save time. The main benefit of using a chatbot has to be the low-cost communication with a customer. Compared with other ways of communications, we can make a serious case that the bot is faster than emailing and smoke signals and cheaper than SMS, which costs about one cent per message in sunny Ukraine. Also, bots provide two-way engagement, mostly without a live agent.

To measure if chatbot implementation provides a cost reduction for an advertising campaign, identify a single metric — the cost of client acquisition.


Scenarios for automation advertising campaigns with bot:

  • Bot defines and segments target auditory using ‘ask & answer’ method. The bot asks the customer about preferences and offers the appropriate goods or services;
  • Sends advertising campaigns to customers via a messenger. The Marketer creates articles and the bot takes to sending routine messages on a massive scale to prospects.


Let’s consider an example of the first scenario to better understand how it works in real business cases.

The Sephora bot was developed for the beauty industry to help customers find the appropriate goods and let them know about cosmetic novelties. The chatbot handles natural language, asking customers about preferences regarding beauty goods. To decrease the cost of promotion, the bot acts in the following way:

  • Makes quiz — asks questions to gather information and makes suggestions (e.g. age, makeup brand preferences);
  • Scans an image, object or face of a celebrity, for example, and presents a list of matchings lipsticks;
  • Provides ‘how-to’ content. The chatbot showcases life hacks for makeup using their own supplies.


The results of chatbot implementation is an 11% higher conversion rate versus any other channel for booking in-store makeover appointments.

Does your chatbot reduce the costs of advertising campaigns and company service promotion as well as the Sephora bot does?


Another example of this sort of scenario is the M chatbot that advertises and promotes anything customers need. There is no necessity here to buy expensive tools for email marketing. Just hand the advertising content to the bot.

chatbot M
According to the previous intent, the chatbot M offers goods within the confines advertising


To promote goods and services quickly and affordably the bot acts in the following way:

  • Sends messages with ad content automatically and free or cheap;
  • Reaches the target audience directly via a messenger that increases conversion;
  • Offers the goods or services without aggressive advertisement. The customer will get an ad right after he realizes he needs the goods.

The aforementioned chatbot sends messages automatically and free. The B2B customer pays only for bot development.


With all that said, chatbots are a complete necessity for the smart business to explore new leads without massive cash outpouring. In the meantime, make them customer make sending offers and keep them loyal to the services you provide.

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How Chatbots Automate the Working Process [Top 5 Chatbots For Business]]

Chatbots are in high demand because of all the new opportunities for business and customer service. Previously Chatbots.Studio considered the first benefit for businesses, which provides cost reducing — information management optimization. Let’s talk about chatbot efficiency on the automation of working processes.

automation of working processes


It is a great chance for entrepreneurs to save money by transferring work tasks over to chatbot and let existing staff concentrate on other important work. A wide range of staff isn’t all that necessary as the work becomes automated. Therefore company profits margins continue to increase with smart team.

I’d like to point out that chatbots aren’t the only way to automate a work routine. Lots of information systems provide the same and sometimes better work automation. However, we will consider how chatbots can take on daily routines from the staff.

chatbots can take on daily routines


First of all, let’s consider the metrics that measure the effect of automation with chatbots for business:

  • Transactions number executed by one employee;
  • Mistake numbers for one transaction;
  • Timeframes for service providing;
  • Service availability;
  • Client satisfaction.


Typical scenarios on how chatbot automates working process:

  • Accepts and handles customer requests. The bot provides consultations, answers on FAQs, and passes the conversation to a live agent;
  • Manages the schedule and queue without personal assistance. The bot accepts and handles new client appointments. Also, it notifies clients about upcoming or past events.

This leads to providing a broad customer service, with always available assistance and quick engagement.


Let’s consider some examples of using a bot for automation of working processes according to scenario.

Taking into account our experience, Chatbots.Studio developed the chatbot for the beauty industry that helps make an appointment for a stylist without direct human integration, manages waiting lists, cancels and reschedules appointments and manages stylist availability.


How does the bot automate the stylist working process?

  • The stylist doesn’t handle requests from clients. Therefore the stylist doesn’t waste time on appointments and handles more important work;
  • An availability to book services 24/7. A customer can book the service at a convenient time to not disturbing stylist;
  • The stylist doesn’t manage conflicts regarding in the queue. In case of appointment canceling, the bot makes an appointment for a client from the waiting list.

Another one TrackerBot, which tracks orders sent by delivery services like “Ukrposhta”, “Nova Poshta”, “Delivery” and “Meest Express”. Also, delivery bot provides easy to access customer support to resolve any issues quickly.


How does bot automate delivery posts staff working process?

Chatbot reduces the workload of call centers solving issues.

  • There is no need to provide support through calls, web or live;
  • The bot handles all FAQs. In case of unexpected question, the bot passes the conversation to a live agent;
  • The bot connects with maps and sends the information regarding the track location to the nearest offices with a work schedule;
  • Bot connects with the backend and presents the costs of delivery.


A customer gets the chance, and doesn’t waste time calling support or surfing the Internet for the appropriate information.

As can be seen, businesses can benefit from automation working process with bots. To implement it for businesses correctly, identify metrics of efficiency to get the appropriate results. So, follow me and stay in top of chatbots novelties.

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Top Benefits and Success Measurement [Top 5 Chatbots for Business]

Chatbots.Studio is pleased to announce our latest overview digest on how entrepreneurs can benefit from using chatbots for business. How business wins big from bots — is a major buzzing topic in media.

We will describe each benefit structured with financial indicators. The chain of articles with benefits will be published a few times per week here.

We don’t claim that it is the only, comprehensive list of bot benefits, but it’s one that really boosts business.

There are bots which bring a few benefits for business, for example, the lead generator is able to open new sales channels and gather leads. If you notice that your bot doesn’t refer to the benefits we mentioned below, it may well be worth rethinking if your bot does good work.

Take a look at GrowthBot that brings strong value for marketers and sales gathering appropriate leads.

We divided benefits into two groups according to how bots impact the bottomline: cost reduction and profits increase.

Cost reduction includes following benefits for business:


Take a look below on how the chatbot automates stylist’s daily work process.


Profits increase includes following benefits for business:

  • New sales channels — a chatbot in messenger as new solution to increase revenue;
  • Cross-selling — a chatbot in messenger sales additional services or goods to existing customers.


Take a look at Sephora chatbot that offers goods via KiK messenger.


The benefits were identified and explored with metrics for each to understand how it impacts the bottom line. We will consider each benefit with examples to understand how it works with specific business cases.

So, follow me on Medium and be among the first to know how chatbots will restart your business and help it quickly grow.

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Bring Clients from Offline to Chatbot [ 3 Tools and 4 Channels]

Our clients implement bots for business to reduce the costs and increase profits. To get results from the bot, there should be a certain number of active users.

The worst thing can happen with entrepreneurs is losing money without results to show for the money spent, which is applicable for chatbots development as well. That’s why, it is important for us not just to develop the bot, but also share knowledge on how to attract clients to bots.

Let’s focus on how to bring client from offline to bot in messenger.

This article contains the following items:

  • Tools for engagement with customers.
  • Link delivery channels.
  • Common mistakes of using QR codes for business.


Tool for engagement with customers

A Chatbot can’t start a conversation without a subscription to a channel with a bot. We need to present a link for customers to lead them to the bot.

Let’s take into consideration how to lead the customer, step-by-step to the chatbot. You can use the standard link or embed it into QR codes. The first step is to present the customer the link with bot inappropriate messenger.

PrivatBank embed link with information into QR code.

PrivatBank QR code
PrivatBank QR code


The following action is confirming readiness to start chatting with bots.

Use QR codes correctly and embed information you need to get. For example:

  • Shop identification (the place client scanned QR code).
  • Goods/services that client is interested in.
  • The way how the client finds bot.


After the client has started to communicate with the bot, the entrepreneur gets the list of benefits. There are leads subscribed to bot, information about Mobile OS, place and date of scanning QR codes, goods or services the clients are interested in. It allows for creating personalized offers, selling additional services and planning out a marketing strategy.


Link delivery channels



It is an expensive and cumbersome way to communicate with clients. Let’s see how to benefit sending a link through SMS and just what can go wrong.


  • SMS can cover a wide range of customers from a client database. Conversion rates are up to 10%.
  • No chance to be banned because customer connects with the bot by themselves.
  • The easy way to implement and expand bots for SMS. There are a lot of services for mailing prospects easily, affordably and quickly.



  • Expensive messages ( about one cent per message in Ukraine).
  • The limited number of characters, which prevents you from good messaging or engagement with any kind of media.
  • Isn’t possible to send big links.

SMS works well to cover a wide range of prospects. However, there is little chance to gather leads to a community because of no info about the preferable messenger.


Despite the huge flow of email every day, e-mail marketing provides high open (about 19$%) and click (about 4%) rates. Also it is the great way to personalize a message, at least, you may know prospect name.

To connect customers to chatbot through email, send them a personalized link in the letter with name and services you provide. It is not necessary to know which preferred messenger, because the bot works through the web as well. Email gives the ability to chat with a live agent as well. It is an expensive way to hold the client and sell the service but works quite well.


Link embed in QR codes may be located on a visible area and takes up a lot of space. Posters cover only a few advertiser’s needs, such us service adv and gathering leads through QR codes to preferable messenger. The benefits for the customer can be a discount or special offer that the customer gets after scanning QR codes.

Poster with QR code placed on visible area.


So, as can be seen, posters are effective way to attract the customer from offline to bots.

Price tags

QR codes placed on price tags allow for identifying goods, location and the time where the code was scanned.

Sharp’s QR code
Sharp’s QR code on price tag. Source:

Offer this value to encourage customer to connect with bot, for example:

  • Personal discount.
  • Mark of goods absence.
  • Report about goods/service bad quality.


Common mistakes of using QR codes for business


The Messenger isn’t specified.

We faced cases of QR codes without information as to where it leads to. Let the customer know that links lead to the messenger with a bot but not to a mobile application. Additional actions like authorization, providing access to personal data aren’t really that necessary for bots.

QR code with info
The good example of QR code with info where it leads to. Source:


Customers don’t know what they can get from QR codes and bot subscriptions.

Let them know what they can get by scanning the code. For example:

  • Discount card.
  • One-time bonus.
  • Service on a priority basis.
  • Drawing on prices.
QR code with benefits
The good example of QR code with benefits for followers. Source:

No Call to Action

Ask customers to scan the code and connect to a chatbot in the mentioned messenger.

CTA with QR code
The good example of CTA with QR code. Source:


We describe only the one tool for how to bring customers from offline to online — link, there are different ways to attract customers to the bots. Find that which works best for you and use it correctly. Also, provide benefits to the customers and encourage them to scan a code and connect with the bots.

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The Guide How to Choose Chatbot Development Service Provider [Ways and Places]

It could look like the selection of a chatbot development service provider for your project, may be similar to the selection of software outsourcing provider, but in reality, it has several peculiarities, which are worth watching.

Focus on chatbot development services

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are considered to be a hot topic and many custom software development providers are extending their offering with chatbots development. On the one hand, it looks pretty easy to snag a chatbot development trend. On the other, there is a knowledge that comes with expertise. For example:

  •         How to correctly identify intents, train NLP engines and maintain the context of a conversation  
  •         Specifics of each messenger and communication channel, especially related to accounts approval
  •         Best practices for building engaging conversations

So buying a service from the provider that has a focus on chatbot development services, lets you avoid mistakes made by previous clients.

You can easily check if the service provider is, “one-shop-for-all-purposes” or if it’s a dedicated chatbot provider, by looking at their offering on the web sites, checking the agency name (guess with BOTfriends, Chatbots.Studio, Unibot and others with the similar names are doing?) and looking at how companies are marking themselves on listings. For example, there are only two 100% chatbot development providers on the clutch listing.

Proven portfolio and existing chatbots

That is a must – the agency should have a portfolio of working chatbots. Check the website for case studies and ask for a demo in case some of the bots are protected (delivered by subscriptions, require specific permissions to access it and etc.). I would recommend becoming pretty wary if the chatbot development agency can’t demonstrate any sort of live chatbot.

Tools that are used by the company

Some service providers promote their own tools for chatbot development. It has a clear value proposition, as the bot become cheaper and delivery is done quicker when comparing the development of the bot from scratch.

However the client should be careful with such an approach, first of all, you are getting locked in with the chatbot agency and technology, so simply will not be able to find another provider as no one works with their proprietary solution. And second, big players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM have more endless resources to keep their solution relevant and updated.   

Contribution to the chatbot development community

Chatbots are a relatively new topic, which is rapidly evolving over recent times, so from my perspective, a good chatbot provider should help contribute to the knowledge of the chatbot community. For example, we have a chatbot development methodology, video courses, meetup and internship for the talented developers.

List of chatbot development service providers

Yep, I know that you are not only looking for Chatbots.Studio to be a provider. So without further adieu here is a list of independent ratings where you can find a chatbot development service provider for yourself – Top Chatbot Development Companies.

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Why End Users are Frustrated with AI Chatbots (and What to Do)?

Have you ever met really stupid chatbots, that don’t understand what you want and thus pretend to have Intelligence? I do, and many people I am talking about chatbots have had the same experience.

Error bot
One of my potential clients mentioned, ‘all the bots have been invented to shortcut support costs’ — that’s the impression users could get from a poorly designed chatbot. So why does this happen:
Inflated expectations from AI bots

There’s a lot of buzz about AI chatbots that are mainly presented as robots that could provide a high level of human-like communication. Bots have they own characters and have their faces either human-like or robot-like.

So, a high level of expectations mostly driven by vendors of NLP engines who would love to promote their technology, which is still not that mature. If someone from the vendors is reading this post, could you share examples of general intelligence projects built based on your solutions? And yet clients expect to have true intelligence while talking to the bot.

Incorrect training methodology

AI bots require training. Training means helping a bot better recognize intent and context in which it is running a dialog. Practically a system administrator (NLP, Conversation expert — whatever you want to call him/her) should review the failovers and enhance the rules in NLP engine to better recognize user intents.

And that is the dead loop: on the one hand, you need to have a good corpus conversation to train your NLP engine on the relevant conversations and on the other. On the other, the user will not start talking to your bot until it is good enough and thus you could not get a good enough sense of the conversations.

So, what can be done with all of that?

Actually, there are 2 options:

  • Have better tools and processes
  • Avoid using AI chatbots


Better process of AI bot training

That’s something we can do right now without waiting for the big players to update their solutions or making costly investments in data science.

a) Use all of your existing conversations with end clients to train your NLP engine from day one. Whatever you have: call records, mail conversations or queries to live agent to you FB, everything could be used to train your NLP before the day zero.

b) If there is no corpus of historical conversations you can use live agents, who would follow the defined conversation scripts. Once enough training has been provided, you can slowly bring automatic responses.

c) Involving a live agent immediately when the intent is not recognized or a client is not happy with the response.

The approach is costlier but friendlier for end-users and differs from the advertised flow — launch your AI bot and train it once it gets going.

Improving the NLP engines

NLP Engines will also become better and better for example. For example, the NLP engines should support common misspellings work better while there is a growing number of intents in the system. In addition, they should self-learn from all conversations that are in the system (not only in one account) and provide a recommendation of what is missing in the bot. I personally have started to lose the difference between NLP engines specially for English, they look almost the same from NLU perspective.

If you read all of that and still have a wiliness to read for another minute, please ask yourself — do I REALLY need an AI chatbot?
  1. Many users expect to get a very specific service from the bot (book an appointment, buy a ticket, issue the order and etc.) they do not expect a bot to handle all possible conversations. It’s like imagine yourself going to the supermarket — do you expect a salesperson to tell jokes or chat with you about Deep Learning? Probably not and the same goes with a bot. In case you can avoid having AI in your bot, why are you making things overly complicated?
  2. NLP for English and Western European Languages is good enough. It’s very much driven by the market demand and nature of the language itself (it is structured), while there is not many (or there are simply not available) engines for other languages, almost nothing exists for Ukrainian. So, what the language carefully before building a AI bot on that language.
  3. You need to have enough conversations to train the bot even from the very beginning. If you do not have a good corpus of conversation, refer to the tricks above or do not do AI bot. Recently one potential client contacted me to build AI FAQ bot for his new real-estate business. I clearly recommended to him to not do that, as lack of conversational data will lead to a poor experience and waste of time and money.

To be honest, there are cases when you need to equip your bot with AI for sure:
  1. The bot interface does not support any buttons. WhatsApp and SMS are the most common examples of that case. You will HAVE to use AI in that case.
  2. There is a lot of content to share with your end-users, so building a bot with the buttons and distinct conversation is not the issue For example, a big FAQ will need to have this kind of scenario.


We are building bots in Chatbots.Studio on a daily basis and we are excited about it. The key idea for this article was to help clients make a fully aware decision about the type of chatbot they need. We see each and every day how bots are taking a more prominent role in the digital worlds and it is our shared goal to make it better for our end-clients.


I would love to hear your cases and stories about the issues that your are facing while building AI chatbots.

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Chatbot as a New Sales Channel for Small Business [Top 5 Chatbot Benefits]

Previously Chatbots.Studio has considered the benefits of allowing cost reductions for businesses — optimization of information managementautomation of the working process and how bots make advertising campaign cheaper.

The next series of articles regards increasing profits from new sales channels and cross-selling. It is obvious bots as sellers are a novel function for entrepreneurs. If the bot sells goods or services successfully you get major value from the bot. Let’s discuss how a chatbot as a new sales channel can impact revenue.

Chatbot in Messenger is a new sales channel to handle communication with existing customers and increase loyalty to services or goods.

To measure the efficiency of bot for business as a sales channel, we have identified the following metrics:

  • The cost of attracting one client to a bot in Messenger;
  • The average checks total;
  • The number of users on the sales channel;
  • The number of sales-through the bot handles to the total sales amount.


A customer usually connects with a bot on the web and on Messenger. We consider how a bot sells goods or services and leads the customer through the sales funnel step by step via messengers like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Kik etc.

WARNING! A common mistake of chatbot implementation is deploying the chatbot as a poly service solution. It’s a bad idea to make a chatbot with the functionality as Amazon has. Chatbots work great with one or a few services the entrepreneur provides, for example, water delivery.

The main reason chatbots have become popular as a sales channel is bots sell services or goods directly at the place where prospects are gathered.


The following reasons make a bot an efficient sales channel:

  • The bot in Messenger is a flexible way to make a purchase without communication with a live agent and app downloading;
  • The bot in Messenger is easy to access and available 24/7. The customer opens an appropriate messenger and starts to chat with the bot anytime. It is more convenient than calling support or making purchases offline;
  • The bot covers a wide range of customers in Messenger. For example, Facebook Messenger has more than 1 billion users.


There are two main scenarios for how businesses can benefit with bots in sales:

  • Building a community in Messenger. Marketers via chatbot can fill channels with contents leading to sales. In another case, the bot sells services or goods directly in the channel;
  • Providing quick and easy to use services. There is no need to download an app or search the browser to find the goods you need. The bot is always within your reach and ready to help. It is possible to buy or sell in one click.


Let’s consider examples for each scenario to understand how it works in real business cases.

Travel bots, besides providing relevant content by sending articles via messenger every day, make the best tour offers to followers. Click navigation makes a chat with a bot easy. The customer taps the details button and books the tour or gets more information.

Take a look at the Hipmunk travel bot. This bot plays a few roles in Messenger: books flights or hotels and provides appropriate content (advice, for example, about the best time to fly, flexible destinations, etc.).

The service provider gets a wide, young audience in Messenger and doesn’t need to deploy huge advertising campaigns because prospects are gathered in the channel and are interested in the services or goods.


As can be seen, by providing relevant content, the chatbot increases members loyalty, and as a result, increases sales through a new sales channel.

Another case is auction bot from @skaybu in Telegram. Clients send requests to buy smartphones but can’t get one because it is already sold. A bot has been created to satisfy the customers need to buy smartphones by bidding. The prices and queues have opened for followers since the bot has started work. After bidding, the staff calls the winners and invites them to get the goods. The bot provides easy use and access service for the customers.


Three years ago at a conference, Pavel Durov payed a lot of attention to implementing the Payment API. This payment system allows automating payments from customers using a chatbot. Clients can send money directly to an entrepreneur to pay for additional services.It seems a buzzy topic about chatbot-sellers for entrepreneurs. Let’s consider more examples to understand how it works.

BotCommerce integrates Shopify and Magento. Besides selling, the bot acts like customer support; it answers questions and provides information about orders.

The WayForPay_Bot is a functional solution for online-sellers and buyers. The bot as a payment service allows control of selling and purchases. Besides 24/7 availability, payment status, reports, and notifications, its main function is payment via Messenger.

Wayforpay_bot sends notifications via Messenger


The bot creates a payment QR code the customer can scan and pay for service. The bot creates and sends an invoice via Messenger or another available way. Soon, customers have the opportunity to add funds to their mobile phones or transfer money.


As a new sales channel, a chatbot not only provides payment but also successfully gathers leads from the target audience.

In Messenger channels or on web popups, a chatbot gathers leads and converts them into existing clients. How do chatbots play this role?

  • Chatbots send offers to get a loyalty card, discount, coupon etc. To attract customers, chatbots offer a value;
  • Popups with the chatbot gather personal information, for example, to make an appointment. The lead enters name, number phone, email address, etc. and is signed up to the master or doctor. In the meantime, the entrepreneur has enough information for the further engagement with the lead;
  • Community and channels with chatbot are a great way to offer the value to the target audience. The entrepreneur makes sure the bot works in an appropriate place.


Let’s consider how it works in real business cases.

  1. The chatbot gathers requests and personal data communicating with customer for further engagement.


2.The chatbot offers the value, a promo code, to save the customer interest and move him/her to the action to buy a service.

3. DocDocBot makes an appointment for the doctor. In the meantime, the doctor gets the lead and personal data.


Obviously this really works well for B2C cases. Of course, a chatbot isn’t the only sales channel but it is a real solution as a part of the sales process in businesses. Follow me and stay in top of chatbot novelties.


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How Chatbots Optimise Information Management [Top 5 Chatbot Benefits]

It is the first article from the line of benefits of using chatbot for business. Let’s consider how information management optimization impact on the bottom line.

Information management optimizations imply data converted into a convenient form with easy access for the customer.

easy access for the customer


When Chatbots.Studio team discussed this benefit, we thought about why a chatbot is better than any software at providing information management optimization. The chatbot reduces the time of searching for useful information due to quick access and fast answers for the customer. It is better to enter a preferable messenger and ask the bot in the natural language then download an application, allow access to personal data and then look for info in different sections.

Let’s consider information management optimization as one of the ways to reduce work costs.

There are metrics to measure how it works best for your business:

  • Transaction cost per one client;
  • % transactions executed with chatbot;
  • Total cost of service.


Nova Poshta chatbot — is Ukrainian delivery service. It is one of the best examples to understand how optimization of information management can work in business cases. Nova Poshta provides access to the necessary information via mobile app, web or call center. But almost a quarter of customers prefer to chat with bots. Taking into account the total clients’ notification, 24% of them come in from messengers.

Take a look at the example of tracking the order with chatbot help.

Nova Poshta chatbot
Nova Poshta chatbot gathers and presents appropriate information through the convenient interface — messenger.


The client has the opportunity to get info easily and quickly, in the meantime the analyst identifies transaction costs. It leads to reducing the workload for the call department. We will take into consideration automation of working process in the next post.

Another case is the chatbot as corporate media that Chatbots.Studio has developed previously for client. Farms, factories or mine companies have internal and external team. There is the issue of how to engage with external team that is outside and share information without delay. To resolve the problem, our client implemented a chatbot for staff communication and accessing to corporate info and media. Also, it helps to be accustomed for new employees with colleagues and superiors.


So, we considered the first benefit that impacts the business bottom line. As can be seen, chatbots can be a great back up for gathering information and management of said information.

Keep an eye out for our latest news: we will consider the next benefit, “Automation of the working process” and how it could increase financial indicators.


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Does HubSpot Understand the True Value of Conversational UI? [Research of 2019]]

HubSpot recently published a course for Conversational UI that is a good place to understand how the top marketing players are thinking about the place and future of chatbots in the space of client engagement.

To be honest, I got upset. It is not about Hubspot’s solution, its capabilities or features. It is about the limited value of Chatbots propagated by HubSpot.



Let’s take a look at it in detail. The key scenario related to chatbots is supporting the leads on the website, and lead gathering and validation. That is, all activities related to interaction in before-sales stage. Having automation in sales is very important and could be very valuable, but it vital and key for the business? I think in most cases it is nice-too-have. You may not be very effective in leads validation and still be in good shape.

HubSpot, limited with the web widget on website, is missing the key marketing/sales value of chatbot in B2C area: once a customer get subscribed to a chatbot your can generate an interaction with him on with a very high level of opening rate and personalization. Once you have invested a lot in bringing your customer to a bot, it is important to leverage the maximum presence in the communication channel.

Let me share some examples from our recent works: Canabis is getting legalized in Canada at the end of October and yet we already have a Facebook bot to sell it. The whole logic of the bot is built on how to generate repetitive sales from the customer. What is the best order time? Most preferred flavor and type of product? There’s nothing about validation of a lead or addressing of FAQ.

Metro is using a Viber chatbot to replace a loyalty card for its clients in Ukraine. That is not only more convenient for customers (you do not need to carry anything or and download an app) but really quite effective in the sales process.

loyalty card in Messenger
More efficient sales process through loyalty card in Messenger


I could bring out many more examples, but the main idea remains the same, HubSpot should rethink the place of chatbots from meeting the customer to make him/her linked to an agency.

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Chatbot Integration with BPM [Operations Management for Business Processes]

Operations Management in Which People Use Various Methods to Discover, Model, Analyze, Measure, Improve, Optimize, and Automate Business Processes.

Business process management is the new solution to discover, model, analyze, measure and improve business flow. Everyone knows that a system provides automation of profits management, helps plan company budgets and financial reports.

Recently, chatbot and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) came on everybody’s A-list and a part of adherents claims that chatbots will replace BPM system soon. The reason is quick implementation and adaptation. Will chatbots or RPA replace BPM or can they integrate and successfully work in tandem?

A lot of people who are involved in the digital sector say that at first RPA provides automatization of low-level tasks and then will complete tasks like an executor. Chatbots are a great solution for businesses because of quick access, using everywhere you need (just take your phone out of the jacket pocket), automating repeated simple tasks and get profit.

What is the common ground for chatbots and BPM? Actually, both technologies are important together.


Chatbots integrate with BPM through an API. It isn’t a complex solution that allows the following:

  • Conversation content is kept in the dialog
  • BPM show tasks that should be completed.


Of course, BPM-online platform for process automation allows for creating own chatbot and personalize it for your business. However, the usual platforms are still more convenient for chatbot building.

The perfect fit is the following triangle with elements that constitute a great working business process:

Working business process flow
Working business process flow


So, take a look at the common integration patterns:

A bot passes the information from BPM to a customer via Messenger

The first one is the process of inventory items transferring. Let’s consider for inventorying laptops. It includes the following steps:

  • Scanning QR code on the item (laptop);
  • The system chooses the appropriate staff to pass the task;
  • The employee sends a notification with task confirmation;
  • The employee sends a notification when the task is completed.


The BPM system holds the integration with a corporate system of item transferring. In the meantime, the chatbot provides engagement between staff via Messenger.

A bot starts the processing in the BPM system

This is the typical pattern before chatbot has integrated with BPM system. Client calls to the support team to resolve the issue. Operator fills the form according to the client’s complaints during the call. After that, the operator sends a request to the BPM system that continues to handle the process.

After integration, the chatbot with the BPM system there no need to communicate with the support team. A customer fills the form in Messenger according to examples that chatbot provides. The bot is connected with a database of the BPM system. When the bot has enough information regarding the issue (the form is completely filled), the process in the BPM system has started. After data processing in BPM chatbot send to customer information about the status of the issue via Messenger.


So, as can be seen, the solution of non-voice communication for business process automation in large companies seems to be relevant. Let’s see how the tandem of bots and BPM will evolve…

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