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Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Queue Management

The clients request was to build a smart appointments management system for american beauty points.  The automated queue management enables a higher level of time utilization and more convenient service for the end customers

          Financial Benefit:

Lowering cost per conversation with a potential client

Lowering cost per live agent department keeping

Increasing stylist time for a service, not for queue management

Increasing revenue by queue management and filling all working hours without declined visits



Simplification of service ordering via chatbot

Quick appointment scheduling to the stylist

Queue management to avoid losing time and money

Avoiding any paper notebooks and involving stylist in scheduling



Complicated AI functionality for scheduling appointment

Request to include phone number to waiting list 

Rescheduling or canceling appointments

Searching the available client just once there is a cancellation

Internal CRM for managing clients

Own calendar management with the ability to setup working hours and blackout dates



AWS Lambda is the computing service from that allows running code without creating, setting up and managing servers. The AWS Lambda helped to place code that provides the addition of stylists’ services name from the database to DialogFlow

AWS API Gateway is a service that allows for creating and maintaining a scalable API service, which can interact with any other Amazon service (Lambda, S3, App running on ec2 instance etc.) in the project.

Node.js is a server-side, asynchronous, event-driven runtime environment, that allows us to build a server-side application using javascript syntax with the most recent ES standards support.

Botkit is the Node.js framework, that has implemented some easy and convenient methods for working with different bot platforms and programming flow of the dialog with complicated business logic and various API integrations support.

DialogFlow the platform is necessary to gather and recognize a client’s intent and produce human-like responses.

PHP API was used to create the backend project portion. It allows us to focus not only on the framework code, but also the business logic.

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Chatbot for Insurance Services Company

When we had gotten requirements from a well-known British insurance company, we realized that it would be a challenge we must complete successfully! 

The client is the first company to offer a Claims-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, that helps to be involved in the claims process for everyone. So, the request was to automate administrative tasks and customer journeys.

          Financial Benefit:

Engagement from your brand

Personalized service

Self service options available 24/7

Reducing costs for hiring extra staff

Automation of monotonous tasks

Brand your bot’s appearance and messaging

Quick engagement with client without live agent services



Increasing client loyalty via the automated and easy-to-use system for claims submissions

Time-saving in case of emergency. The chatbot immediately accepts insurance case without live agent assistance.

Reduction of company expenses. The chatbot will be the primary agent who takes to solve administrative tasks instead of live agents department. 



Connection with users via appropriate messenger or webwidget. 

Vehicle registration number recognition from uploaded photo 

Fetching vehicle data by its number plate

Connection with live agent (like Intercom) inside the chat flow

Location recognizing to find the place of accident

After the filling form chatbot offers to sign it to avoid additional insurance company visit

Payment for the request entering card code



BotKit is the open source platform was used to build bots and handle conversations.

OpenKB is a search based Knowledgebase (FAQ) backed by Lunr.js indexing to check created before the list of questions in Watson IBM. 

Watson IBM is a computer system of artificial intelligence that is capable of recognizing questions given in natural language.

Corezoid is the cloud OS that was used to manage chatbots flow and to track users activity and send a notification regarding incomplete claims.

Twilio is the cloud communication platform that was used for SMS notification regarding incomplete claims.

AWS Recognition  was used as a deep learning-based service for car’s number picture recognition.

Intercom is the messaging platform that provides online chatting insurance agents with clients.

Onfido is an online platform that was used to verify people’s identities using a photo-based identity document.

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Deep Knowledge Analytics Ranks Chatbots.Studio in The List of Top AI Companies

Expanding horizons, new partners and friends are our vectors in growth. Chatbots.Studio has become a part of the Deep Knowledge Analytics Platform MindMap. 

Deep Knowledge Analytics is the leading DeepTech-focused analytical agency, producing advanced analytical reports on DeepTech and frontier-technology industries, using sophisticated multi-dimensional analytical frameworks and algorithmic methods. They combine hundreds of specially-designed and specifically-weighted metrics and parameters to deliver sophisticated market intelligence, pragmatic forecasting and tangible industry benchmarking.

The platform will be open to qualified stakeholders. It will serve as the framework for industry optimization and cross-disciplinary integration and collaboration between companies, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and government officials. The overarching aim of the platform is to promote the synergistic and integrated development of the AI, IoT, VR, AR, FinTech, GovTech, LegalTech, Digital Medicine, and Longevity Industries to maximize the benefits for all industry stakeholders.

Find  Chatbots.Studio among the AI Eastern Europe Industry Landscape listing as one of the top and innovative chatbot providers. 

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Get The Chatbot Working And Earn Money in 2019!

How To Make Money With A Chatbot!

Have you ever noticed that chatbots have become all the hype a few years ago and businesses implemented it mostly to follow the latest trend? And it doesn’t work for them… They followed the trend and got nothing. Since then have appeared oodles of articles like, “the hype is gone”, “bots don’t work”, “chatbots kill your business”, “chatbot scares away clients”, “chatbot kicked my dog” etc. 

You find below a list of the rock-solid ways how to monetize your chatbot.

If you are at the start of this learning journey as to what is chatbot and why you need this for your business, Read up on the following articles for your knowledge enrichment.

Chatbots for Business: Top Benefits and Success Measurement

6 Types for Chatbots: Know Which One Brings Value to Your Business

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Chatbot In 2019?

If you’re running a chatbot project, take a look at the free AI Chatbot Management course.


Lead Generation for making money

When the leads come to you, let chatbot do its part to turn the prospect into a client. Marketing campaigns, ads, emails, targeted content is all about the right chatbot for your business.

Chatbot qualifies leads via a short survey (location, needs, requirements, budget etc.). All responses become a part of the user profile and chatbot pass the lead to the appropriate department. 

Chatbot as a landing page

This way to monetize chatbot is associated with the paragraph mentioned above. These type of chatbot helps not only collect leads but also increase conversation and boost engagement. 

Content of value to increase conversion

Personalized content makes sure the client that vendor cares about his needs. This journey starting from awareness up to decision the clients take before the purchase. Good content makes this way shorter and leads to a decision from the “ready” client. Throughout this journey, accompany the clients with relevant information to help them make the right decisions.

E-commerce platform

Direct sales are the main way to monetize your chatbot and grow revenue. Warning: we don’t recommend to make an Aliexpress-like platform, but use a chatbot for selling a few main services. Besides direct sales, the chatbot makes cross-selling (based on previous chatbot purchase and behavior history). As an additional option, implement a payment system like Visa (we recently implemented a few projects with Visa and have satisfied clients) and provide the full sales cycle with a chatbot (saving money and clients’ time). 

Feedback and complaints to increase loyalty

Have you ever seen that dissatisfied client come back to the vendor again? That’s like a piece of art! Create the possibility to leave feedback or send a request to improve the product or service. We recommend making a chatbot for accepting the issue and showing its status. When the client feels that sweet calling, he’ll come to you again.

As can be seen, the chatbot is the most valuable tool for boosting business. Hope you have found the best way to monetize your money or all of them works for you 🙂

If you’re not sure of how to implement a chatbot for your business or want to build the best one, contact us and we will schedule the demo to show you the best option. 


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MobileAppDaily Ranks Chatbots.Studio Among Top Chatbot App Development Companies

Chatbots.Studio is a well-known innovative technical team of highly experienced mobile app designers and application developers whose main focus remains on delivering excellence to the most conversational platforms in the form of interactive chatbot app development. The chatbot application development company has also been known to be among the top trusted AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution providers for global organizations.

In addition to this, the SaaS Solutions of Chatbots.Studio are also successfully working in different industry verticals like banks, insurance, telecom, retail, transportation, and many more. In total, they are currently initiating about 4270 conversations per hour across various social media apps and channels which include Facebook Messenger, Web, Viber, Telegram, Slack and many more.

Why MobileAppDaily Chose Chatbot.Studio?

MobileAppDaily is a well-established news and media portal in the field of technology that has created a name for itself in the global market in such a short span of time. This portal covers everything related to the tech and mobile application industry which also consists of all the latest and trending updates related to the web as well as mobile apps.  

At, the team basically combines its solid marketing expertise in the most conversational interfaces along with an in-depth understanding of the latest and emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), flutter, etc to deliver great business value to their clients. To appreciate their team’s efforts over the past few years, MobileAppDaily has decided to rank Chatbot.Studio on its exclusive list of Top Chatbot app development companies of 2019. 

Since the day of its inception, this tech news portal has offered nothing but the best content related to the process of mobile app development so that its readers can get the top insights related to the mobile app industry. Apart from this, some of the other categories that are covered in this tech-based media portal are detailed Android and iOS mobile app reviews. 

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How To Build A Scalable Chatbot Architecture From Scratch  in 2019

In this publication series, we’re going to cover our best practices used during developing IT projects. If you’ve ever had thoughts about developing chatbot and conversational platform for your business  —  you’re in the right place, because today we’re going to start from the very beginning of any project  — architecture.  We hope that everyone will learn something useful and valuable in this publication. 

Moving right along, we strongly recommend you to separate chatbot module and conversation logic from the rest of your back-end system. Later we will find out why it’s important, prudent and how this can be beneficial for your project.

Let’s imagine that our imaginary chatbot project’s main goal is to deliver visualization of trading stocks data. In this case, we will need a module for fetching, storing and visualizing information. 

The microservice architecture will be more beneficial, as it ensures decentralization and the ability to easily connect separate entities. Moreover, scalability and speed are the other two key factors that will definitely impact chatbot performance. Therefore, it’s obvious that separating each module as a microservice in our architecture makes sense. Moreover, it’s profound and important to have each module scalable and resistant to high loads.

In fact, a conversational interface as a mobile app, messenger or even custom web chat – is potentially one of the future possible solutions for this issue that will ensure handy user interaction. Imagine the situation when you have defined everything in one module? So, how would you scale and encapsulate the business logic, when it’s mixed with conversation flow? In this case, it’s profound to separate REST API and NLU/NLP modules to provide the chatbot architecture with higher flexibility, as in the example below:

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to add new interfaces if you have seen anything about dividing the project into 3 or more major modules: Rest API, entire conversational flow and NLP/NLU usage. Now let’s talk about each architecture module in detail.

Chatbot Interfaces (front-end)

Surely the frontend of the bot plays an indispensable part in our project. Webchat on the website serves as the interface through which users can interact and talk with the bot. We really prefer using own web-widget, that has lots of advantages, amongst which there are:


Certainly, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack or many other platforms are widely used, but they all have lots of restrictions of controllers you may use. So, the user will see only predefined, limited and equally designed for concrete platform calendars, buttons, notifications, file uploaders, and viewers.
In contrast, we may create as many as needed of our own custom elements, designed in colors, forms, and sizes, as our imagination allows.

Dynamic interaction

It’s a matter of fact. Users want to get the most when it comes to using bots. Sending not a static picture, but rather a rendered HTML chart, that looks like a picture with clickable inner elements — is the feature that attracts and makes our bot stand out among the rest.

AWS Lambda + AWS API Gateway

In our system, these notions stand for the core API of our system.
It’s not a secret that one of the biggest strengths of AWS Lambda functions is the reduced cost of execution. In a traditional web application, with code hosted on  and accessible through  an EC2 machine instance in AWS, you need to pay for the server usage regardless of the fact whether your API is actually in-use or not. The cost of the idle-time can be very high, depending on the instance particulars you’re working with.
As our project is not hosted on a specific server, we also considerably reduce the risk that our machine might break down. It can be easily substantiated: we aren’t obligated to rely upon a single machine to perform all the tasks of serving the app and executing the code . If one machine goes down, the process of replacing it is handled automatically by AWS. In other words, AWS “cares” for a problem instantly and our code doesn’t miss a beat.

AWS ElasticCache Redis

In our project, it’s users for the highly scalable caching system storing temporary data(cache, tokens, API calls counter, etc.). So, it’s not so “expensive” to make the same API calls or access databases with repetitive queries dozens or hundreds of times a day. However, it can be challenging to get it working with AWS Lambda. We’ll prepare an entire publication on this topic on the next series. Stay tuned 🙂

AWS DynamoDB

It offers built-in security, backup, and restores, as well as in-memory caching. Furthermore, it was extremely easy to implement it into our current system.

Main reasons why we use it:

  • Fast and owing single-millisecond latency
  • Integrated with most of AWS Services such as IAM, CloudWatch, etc.
  • Autoscale and elastic in nature
  • Virtually infinite storage 


Being in the process of cutting usage down as much as possible, AWS EC2 is still used for the static images generation due to AWS Lambda limitations. The main usage of it is based on the FusionCharts and uploading pictures, as well as infographics generation. But this point is highlighted in the next chapter.

In the first version of the chart, targeted for static image generation, we used Export and Upload service developed by FusionExport team. The rendered HTML is literally screenshotted, uploaded to the AWS S3 service that prevails over others due to the security, low cost, and scalability. For the same reasons, AWS S3 was used to store widget plugins and admin-pages for our project.

Let’s draw an interference from all above-mentioned:
To a certain extent, using AWS services makes the mind of the developer free of redundant anxiety regarding the machine “life.”
Mulling over correct architecture in advance plays a pivotal role in the project development.
Using Lambda + API Gateway definitely prevails over EC2 machines, as AWS automatically defines select new instances when it’s needed, so the application is an endless-liver.

In the next series, we’ll talk about using different charts services, caching process, experience, and comparison of a couple of other platforms we used. Stay frosty!

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Chatbots.Studio Announces Partnership With Viber!

Every day Chatbots.Studio expands their horizons and builds effective and valuable relationships with top global companies in the niche.

In July, Chatbots.Studio announced a strategic partnership with Viber – VoIP and instant messaging software application. 

The main goal of the collaboration is mutually beneficial to each others’ services promotion. 

Our partnership is a beneficial opportunity for clients as they gain access to one of the most widely-used messenger platforms. Their brand stickers can be used by a billion users across the world. 

From our side, we’re proud to be a technical partner and advisor for the global leader in conversations. 

Moving forward, Chatbots.Studio and Viber will continue to work together to expand new horizons in this mutually beneficial partnership.

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16 New Places Where Chatbot Companies Could Share Content and Get Inspiration [II Part]

New Places Here!

Over the last few years, it’s been shown direct advertising doesn’t work. Period. Full stop.. Especially if your target audience is millennials (they have advertising blindness).

Content works best of the best. Sharing relevant and valuable content makes you into an authority for your industry. But writing great content isn’t nearly enough for successful blogging. Not by a longshot. Having good-quality and a unique blog can’t bring your audience without promoting in the target places and building a following.

The challenge is to find the right channels for getting traffic and lead generation.


As a B2B company, dedicated to chatbot development, we cherish inbound traffic and research the best ways to get it. Recently our embedded analytics shows that social media is the best traffic provider now after search organic. Why don’t you use this way to promote your great content?

For all marketing specialists and everyone else and their dog, who are working in chatbot development and want to be inspired to create new ideas, I put together the 16 places where you can share topical content.

A year ago I made the same with popular places where are chatbot audience for 2018. Take a look and compare with new sources Where Chatbot Development Companies Could Share Content!

Let’s dive in…

We can’t claim that the list is full and the only one works, but taking into account our experience, we are confident that these sources bring value.

How did I rank the communities?

  • Target audience related to Artificial Intelligence, chatbot development, business automation, Tech, Digital Marketing
    Vital community (at least 2 posts per week)
  • Communities’ description takes from its Facebook and LinkedIn accountants.


Facebook Groups

Chatbot Mastermind Group – this group’s focus is on sharing the latest chatbots information.

Digital Marketing – (SEO, SMO, SEM Jobs) – digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Automation, Campaign Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing and e-Commerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, e-Mail Direct Marketing, Display Advertising, e–Books, and Optical Disks and Games are becoming more common in our Advancing Technology.

Bot Community – Chatbots, AI, Marketing Bots, Digital Marketing, Etc. (CS) – discuss chatbots, AI, NLP, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Chatfuel, Kik, SMS, WeChat etc. Talk about what you’re working on. Get the best bot for your Facebook Page. Learn how to make Bots. Buy bots and more. Please Read the Pinned Post after You Join.

Chatbots Community in Ukraine – official Ukrainian community for everyone who is involved in chatbot development.

Botpreneurs: Successful Bot Companies – closed FB group for bot entrepreneurs to learn from one another about what’s working (and what’s not) in growing their bot biz.

Bots for Business – this group focuses on discussing the benefits and the possibilities that bots bring to the other side of the equation — businesses serving those billions of text-driven consumers.

ChatBot Marketing Experts- FB ManyChat ChatFuel Chatcast GrowthBot Chatbots – the main group goal is to enhance your chatbots marketing expertise and optimize your chatbot funnels.

SaaS Products & Marketing – this group was created for sharing tips, strategies and case studies about SaaS products.

LinkedIn Groups:

Chatbot Developers – technologies or business for chatbots, dialogue systems or virtual agents

Chatbot Discussion – sharing all chatbot news and encouraging discussion about this fast-growing sector.

Chatbot group: flow design and copywriting – this is for anyone interested in the methods behind dialogue writing, flow design and conversational UX. Everything about having a good conversation, except the software behind it.

New Technology | Innovation | Chatbot | IoT – the group is a community for entrepreneurs, management staff, startups, investors and other like-minded individuals to join, share ideas, and connect.

Chatbot Community – discuss anything related to chatbots – news, latest chatbots launches, development, interesting use cases, technologies related to chatbot (Artificial intelligence, NLP, Natural Language Processing etc) are all welcome.

CHATBOTS – a group for Chatbot industry where chatbots make a significant difference by being able to converse about expertise and particular knowledge. Virtual experts, virtual assistants are also included.

Chatbots for Business – this group is dedicated to chatbots that leverage business either in e-commerce or CRM fields. You will read business cases or use cases, learn about AI technologies, about developer tools, you will get tips and advice on how to build your own chatbot in order to increase revenue and/or limit customer frictions.

Customer Experience Management & Artificial Intelligence – The CEM &AI Group is the largest CEM group in the world.

Well, there you have it: the 16 places for content sharing. Are there any places and communities I missed? Let me know in the contact button, smoke signals or via email.

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Chatbots.Studio Invited LNU Students Join the Node.js Internship

We are happy to announce a free Node.js internship for students. As a result of a successful internship, students will be offered a job in one of the top chatbot development and conversational design companies in the world. 


Most students following graduation ask themselves: “Where can I get the job I would like?” Chatbots.Studio provides this job for students with a lack of experience and the opportunity to be a part of market leaders’ projects in enterprise, finance, and retail. 


If you want to join the next internship, complete the test task.


Company representatives were demonstrating products we have created, internship opportunities and conditions to students of Lviv National University. 


As a result of the meeting, the university invites the company representatives to take part in future technical events. 


For more information, FAQ, and internship opportunities write 


Chatbots.Studio is the top software development company dedicated to chatbot and conversation platforms development based in Ukraine. We are building highly valuable platforms and chatbots to automate businesses and save their owners’ money. Our main clients (large enterprises and small companies) are getting value every day using our chatbots and systems. 


We are proud to be the #2 Chatbot Development Company according to Clutch and #1 Chatbot Development Company according to Recovendor. We are a trusted partner of market leaders Visa and Viber.


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The Mountains Are Calling and We Will Answer

Work-life balance is one of the values for the Chatbots.Studio team. We know that great relaxation is the way to be inspired and healthy. We combined relaxation, healthy getaways and family days in a single memorable weekend in the MOUNTAINS! We’re happy to spend time with colleagues’ spouses and children.

The end of June was fun for the Chatbots.Studio team. All the team celebrated summer in the Carpathian Mountains, except for Dave. Two days were spent breathing clear air, playing guitar and climbing mountains, and generally making Dave (our American colleague) super jealous of how cool that sounds. All our children had fun with more than 15 doting parents at the same time!

During the sunny day, our team of brave colleagues reached the mountain top, others who are lovers of nature at the foot of the mountain savored local flavor 🙂

The end of the day was very calm and relaxing: the guys cooked meat on the grill and played guitar near a roaring bonfire.

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