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Our Customers Recognise the Importance of Chatbots []

If you’ve heard of us, you’ve probably heard of chatbots before. These automation tools have so many uses no matter your industry — insurance, manufacturing, education, you name it. But if you don’t build it right, it can very well be another gimmick in your marketing portfolio.


But with the right agency, you can make money off of a chatbot. Studies have shown that chatbots can improve an app, especially when it comes to customer engagement. Having a 24-hour customer service agent can up your buyer satisfaction rates without investing in more human resources.


Our clients know this, and we’re humbled to be their choice for chatbot development.


As a tried-and-true developer for all things chatbot-related, we’re the top United Kingdom developer according to Clutch, the B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their shortlist counterpart The Manifests puts us as number 17 in Ukraine among AI developers thanks to our 4.9 average review score and proven ability to deliver.


One of our happy customers is VARUS, one of the largest supermarket chains based in Ukraine. They needed help finding a way to streamline customer engagement and improve their feedback mechanisms. 


In response, we created a Facebook Messenger chatbot. It collected phone numbers and other information through a virtual discount card that buyers could scan as a QR code. That helped us organize all their customers’ information and feedback into a database, making it easy for VARUS to find and address buyer claims and complaints.



We were proud to see that almost 18,000 clients added the virtual card within the first day and that 60,000 found the card within the week via the Facebook Messenger bot. But what really makes our success extra sweet is that VARUS left us perfect ratings on their Clutch review of our services.



We couldn’t be happier to see that our investment in the client experience paid off. 


Even if you’re not a large national corporation, we’re here to improve your customer engagement and take your business to another level. 


For a small healthcare app, we built a chatbot that allows patients to communicate with medical professionals. The app takes users’ information and connects them to the best professional for the job. 



The app is still in testing, but all signs point to a successful launch going forward. We look forward to seeing their success and are humbled to earn 5-star scores across the board for our efforts.


“For now, the chatbot functions perfectly. Our next goal is to discover how comfortable our customers are with using the app and find anything that needs changing. I’m happy with our engagement.” – CEO, Software Development Company

Interested in learning more about our clients and their experiences working with us? Check out our Clutch profile and read on!



Ready to get started with a chatbot today? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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How To Register a Chatbot In WhatsApp With Twilio [Step-By-Step Guide]

The step-by-step guide is created for business owners and project managers who want to get a verified Twilio number. Mostly, business owners do not want to share Facebook Business Account Manager and payment card details. So, you can use the guide and get the number 🙂

The first step is to create a free Twilio account on the Twilio website.

Create a Facebook Business Account and Facebook Business Account Manager. Below the brief guide on how to do this and connect with Twilio phone number. Our recommendation is to have a good business account (not empty and without any info).


Create a Business Manager.


Go to


Click Create Account.



Enter a name for your business, select the primary Page and enter your name and work email address. Note: If you don’t yet have a Page for your business, create one.





Twilio WhatsApp request access



When you have finished with Facebook Business Account and Facebook Business Account Manager, upgrade your Twilio account and make the payment for it. You can’t get a number while using a free Twilio account. Attention! Sometimes (it depends on country dial code) Twilio asks business documents to confirm that the business is real. 


After that make a request from Twilio to WhatsApp(in case you have a phone number, facebook business account and Facebook business account manager). In the form enter a new phone number that you already bought. Pay attention and fill the line ‘Twilio account SID (you can find it in console Twilio) and Business Manager ID. 


 Wait for the notification regarding account approvement.



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The Top-3 Libraries to Quickly and Nicely Build Charts with JavaScript

Article 1


The key role of charts in our stock analysis-oriented project should definitely be highlighted as they are the foremost way of data statistics visualisation. In this publication series, we will get your hands on charts built to process through the comparison of three services we’ve experienced: Google charts, Charts.js and FusionCharts && FusionExport services. After reading, you will be able to define use cases and evaluate each of the chart packages to find the best one to fit in your project!


FusionCharts && FusionExport && FusionTime services






FusionCharts API provides users with a wide range of chart types each possessing beautiful animation and eye-catching default colors combination. From waterfall, donut, multi-bars, various combined 2d and 3d charts to even logarithmic, funnel and other outstanding charts  – all of them own a conceivable list of attributes to customize a chart in an ever-imaginable way: labels, axixes, overlaying trend lines, font sizes, borders, shadows, color range, and even animation duration.



Moreover, aside from the 100+ chart types with 4 different style themes (IMHO ‘fusion’ is the best one) there are more than 2 thousand data-driven maps. The docs are virtually replete with the diversity such that they will definitely satisfy the most demanding user needs and live up to any expectations.





The most strenuous and at the same time, most crucial is to form configs correctly on the server side: outer-services response manipulating and conversion so that it is displayed correctly may be an enduring and energy-consuming process (data, dataset, labels, legends, and categories arrays formation). Having passed the higher step, users meet the thriving list of possibilities on how a chart will be displayed through front-end integration. Actually, config can be easily converted into rendered component through any JavaScript framework ( React, React-native, Angular (from the last FusionCharts version – 3.14.0), Vue.js, Ember, jQuery also supported ). This also may be implemented through attached NPM packages (React, React-nativeAngular ), or even directly if you add fusioncharts js script file and call the function with received config in a script div (also, check events subfolder for more reference).



Besides the aforementioned way of dynamic chart formation, there is FusionExport service that guarantees chart static image creating and download superseding the majority of npm packages for web screenshotting. This service carries out the processes of rendering HTML and making web-browser screenshot the chart on its side, saving png file to the tmp folder. 





Undoubtedly dashboards are one of the best ways of complex data statistic comparison, and FusionCharts attained the great result in this issue. If you have a look at their demo page, your mind may be thrown to the Google Data Studio service (GTS further), which offers much more extended and sophisticated functionality (as adding data sources, online editor for customization, connecting to cloud services, etc.). From our point of view, the points in which FusionCharts may prevail over GDS are surely the diversity of chart types, smarter styling and ability to create, display and save it as png. The last is called infographic – simple implementation of the dashboard: built-in column 2+ charts. 





Comparing to other online support for the open-source libraries and APIs, FusionCharts own truly impeccable live assistance through the chat that may be opened by clicking on the icon on the right side of their website. Given the long-term use of this service, our team always received constructive answers with a link to a target resources in maximum of 2-3 minutes, satisfying the concern in 99% of cases. 



Furthermore, the majority of their charts are placed at JSFiddle live examples (can be shared by a support team, placed right in the docs or easily googled by “fusion charts multi-series fiddle” request), so there is a pertinent chance to play around chart attributes and parameters.








Imagine you have a situation that you are eager to receive both dynamic and static charts so that it will be displayed dynamically on your React app with a download button for saving static images. So you, as a developer, need the FusionChart and FusionExport services to implement such features.


Having downloaded and tested the free FusionExport service, you face two huge trial notices that actually negatively affect the image perception. Moreover, without FusionWidgets and PowerCharts some chart type (Treemap, Angulargauge, etc.) won’t be rendered and screenshotted on their side. Don’t you think it’s time to buy a license? But the cheapest plan costs approximately $500, isn’t it too much? The paid plan may be up to $10,000 depending on the fulfillment of the package. This may be too much for the case you develop home or university projects, even though you make a few requests to their API per day. We are inclined to believe that it would be much better if there is any simple and not so expensive alternatives, so any can integrate this service in their project consequently making Fusion projects far more popular amongst the public.






Although FusionCharts developers made their best to categorize them for each chart and deep into details, nowadays it’s sometimes hard to search the target parameter through all chart subcategories as their names make the user be apt to the confusion. Although attributes have logical names, unwrapping every subcategory and supposing to which the parameter may be related is a humdrum deal. It was a perfect solution to add a search engine that works directly on the open page, but unfortunately, it seems not to be noticeable. We suppose that lots of FusionCharts API docs readers don’t notice that label and so that they use Ctrl+F page search, that won’t work. It will be a profound solution if Fusion team add the nice border or some tip to avoid the situations above.



Furthermore, some default attributes actually don’t work at all, and it definitely causes confusion – always try to double-check and test. But anyway, the last is expected to be fixed in the next releases, step by step, and the contaminated attributes pages are made up for nice live support.



FusionTime and FusionExport


There is one more service from the Fusion developers team that is called FusionTime. It’s used to display time-series data and is something like when chart Google returns you ask “Apple price.” These have even the same switch option for the previous time period. Their only single disadvantage is not supported FusionExport, although documentation says vice versa. Hope this issue will be improved in future versions.



FusionExport OS dependence


One of our developers faced an interesting issue in April 2019, while using FusionExport licensed service in the Windows OS. Having cloned a Github project that is run on a remote Linux machine, the developer was testing the static image creation locally with correct config when an error occurred: black background with a grey text message “No data to display.” The optional passed parameters to the class instance/function call served as the reason for this issue: once they got rid of one of them – the charts began to be exported well. However, the same code at MacOS was also working well as Linux. I hope that this bug with Windows OS was fixed in the next versions ( the last for now came out in August 2019 ), but due to the switch to Linux OS, this was not tested on our side.



Based on our experience in using Fusion services we can truly recommend them as they will meet any expectations and satisfy any statistics oriented project needs, if the budget allows you so. Certainly, there are some disadvantages at the moment of writing this article (September 2019), but we hope they are to be improved and elaborated. 




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AI Chatbot for Sales Increasing and Quick Access to Info in Facebook Messenger

Eva is a chain of stores for beauty and care located in Ukraine. The chatbot was launched for quick access to information about the stores.

          Financial Benefit:

Lowering costs for call center maintenance

Increasing of client conversion

Advertising and promotion cost reduction

Clients attraction by showing bonuses in loyalty card



Lead generation

Increasing sales

Increasing client loyalty

Increasing client conversion

Reducing costs for live agent department

Reducing workflow for live agent department

Avoiding personal contact with the service department



FAQs automatically available in messenger

Finding the nearest store

Changing language in chatbot interface

Link to the online stores

Link to the online stores

Personal phone number recognition

Automation advertising promotion



DialogFlow is an end-to-end, build-once/deploy-everywhere development suite for creating conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices.

Corezoid is ta cloud OS that was used to manage chatbots flow and to track users activity

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources for you.

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Chatbots.Studio Presented Platform Bot for Small Businesses And Enterprises In New York

Chatbots.Studio Co-Founders Andriy Sabanskiy and Max Popov attended FinovateFall 2019 in Autumn. 

FinnovateFall is a finance forum for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. This year it was held in NYC at the Marriott Marquis.

Andriy and Max presented a bot platform for small and middle businesses created in collaboration with Visa. The Platform developed for quick payment in shops, cafes via a chatbot in messenger. 

Since the 1st of October, everyone can use the platform in Visa Smart Cafe and in every cafe in Ukraine. 

Look at the video to get the full Platform presentation and its benefits for small businesses and enterprises.

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11 Most Valuable Chatbot Uses For the Insurance Industry

Working on a big project for a well-known insurance company gives us the confidence to share this information. The article is about how to bring your insurance business to the next level and get a profitable virtual assistant. So what are the main goals of a chatbot for insurance projects? Let’s dive deeply into the following five chatbot uses. 


Claims Automation

 Anyone can make the claims via website widget or chatbot in messenger. This allows for saving time and providing quick responses without human factors. It means that the chatbot, in most cases, will not make a mistake and create the wrong claims. 


Lead Generation and clients engagement: 
  • People prefer to buy services online, rather than going to offline points. Use it for lead generation and customer engagement. When a customer is surfing on the website, chatbot as a web widget is offering customized and best services based on personal surveys. At this stage, the client’s needs and insurance services are merging.
  • Clients and prospects interact with company virtual representative via a few channels: SMS, web widget, and messenger. This type of communication increases opens rates and conversions.
  • Through channels chatbot or live agent offers all types of services: starting from base insurance services up to personalized offers and discounts in the account.
  • Clients education with content publishing
  • Share content on social media (it is important considering people spend huge part of free time in socials). For more details see the next item.


Running advertising campaigns and promotions 
  • The chatbot provides a particularly welcoming manner service, so you can expect better conversion.
  • Promotion & Advertising. The chatbot sends promo messages of new rates and the latest offers.
  • News and all above can be sent to your audience via chatbot with a higher open rate than via traditional email, or postal mail.
  • Interaction in the right channel. The main chatbot goal in marketing is interaction with the audience in the place where it spends a lot of time – messenger and social media.


Read more about advertising automation and cost reduction in our blog Top Chatbot Benefits: How Bots Make Advertising Campaigns Cheaper


Enhance customer support service
  • In the event of road accidents or other emergencies, a chatbot is able to notify the claims company, find the nearest medicine point, and order towing services.
  • In the case of regular or single visit the clinic, just push chatbot, send the information regarding doctors and provided services and the virtual assistant will cover the expenses (if it is agreed in the documentation you’ve signed).


If you ever thought about a chatbot, consider what is your main goal in doing so.


To provide detailed information and chatbot uses with countable indicators, feel free to ask us and we will figure something out together.


Please take a look again at these benefits and imagine all the stuff you would need to cover all the aforementioned actions. All of them could be covered by a chatbot, thereby saving time and money right away!

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7 Most Valuable Chatbot Uses For Pharmacy Shops

In the past few years, chatbots have covered many industries, automating routine work and bringing fat stacks of revenue. In healthcare and pharmacy, it has become popular now, serving clients and helping internal staff. The article is about how to bring your pharmacy business to the next level and gain a profitable virtual assistant. So what are the main goals of a chatbot for the pharmacy industry and apothecary? Let’s dive deeply into the following chatbot uses. 


Reporting of a lack of medicine

When the set of remedies is almost full, the chatbot sends reminder notification or makes one itself. Also, staff can check the number of medicines with the help of an AI assistant. 


Clients review collection

Any client can leave a review and check other trusted feedback. 


Reminder to take the pills

Sometimes patients don’t take medications at the time, so it affects their health. Chatbot sends reminders to take prescribed pills and is able to present medical information. For example, Ariana – an AI chatbot, who acts as a personal health coach for diagnosed patients developed by Chatbots.Studio. This chatbot answers questions, provides drug or disease information, tracks progress and outcomes and, of course, reminds patients to take pills. 


Providing information regarding medicine

Clients and staff can easily check composition, indications, contraindications, and the side effects of drugs in messenger. 



Instead of using a call center a newly prescribed patient can receive treatment onboarding and adherence support in the same experience.


Ordering medicine

The client can send the medical prescription and apply it for preparing the order. Online payment is also available. 


Inquiries about medicines to pharmacists

They will answer any questions or doubts about medicines and their correct use.


If you ever thought about the chatbot, consider what is your main goal in all of this.


To provide detailed information and chatbot uses with countable indicators, feel free to ask us and we will figure something out.


Please take a look again at these benefits and just imagine all the stuff you would need to cover all the aforementioned actions. All of them could easily be covered by a chatbot. Saving time and money right when you need it(now)!


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Facebook Messenger Chatbot for The Ukrainian Largest Supermarket Chain

In frames of digitalization of shops chain, one of the biggest Ukrainian supermarkets launched a Facebook Bot. It was created for customer engagement simplification and business process automation. On the first day, the loyalty card was added by 18,000 clients with the chatbot. In only a week, it increased up to 60,000 users who got the card in messenger. The main goal is to avoid the dissemination of plastic cards.
          Financial Benefit:

Advertising and promotion cost reduction

Lowering cost per engagement with the client

Increasing of client conversion

Lowering cost per live agent department keeping



Increasing sales

Loyalty card digitalization with a QR code

Service improvement by clients feedback

Simplification of personal engagement with a client

Reducing cost for live agents department



An online loyalty card is able in Facebook Messenger

Personal phone number recognition

Automation advertising promotion

Finding the nearest store

Changing language in chatbot interface

Link to the online stores

Personal phone number recognition

Automation advertising promotion



DialogFlow – is an end-to-end, build-once/deploy-everywhere development suite for creating conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices.

Corezoid –  is ta cloud OS that was used to manage chatbots flow and to track users activity

AWS Lambda – is a serverless compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources for you.


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Chatbot For Online Diagnostics and Sales in Facebook Messenger

Recently Yves Rocher Ukraine announced that engagement with clients will be maintained by the new digital tool – chatbot on Facebook Messenger! A virtual assistant will help to find the best care cosmetic. The bot will analyze the users’ answers based on a large-scale information base formed by the brand’s experts and offer specific Yves Rocher products that best meet the needs of customers, skin type and its features. The main chatbot’s aim is to sell more and promote the brand.
          Financial Benefit:

Increasing client conversion

Advertising and promotion cost reducing

Lowering cost per engagement with the client



Simplification of personal engagement with a client

Increasing client conversions by offering a personal discount if user share email address

Digitalization of clients engagement



Online skin or hair diagnostic in messenger

Help in choosing individual care cosmetics

Offering personal discount

Showing actual offers and bonuses

Survey results saving

Choosing the language of communication



Corezoid – is the cloud OS that was used to manage chatbots flow and to track user activity.

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