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Multichannel Chatbot for Job Searching

Many businesses and employees use a chatbot for candidates and job searching. We received a request to create and run a chatbot that helps to find the job that perfectly fits the based on employee responses to questions. This chatbot acts as a screener for an in-demand position.

This chatbot provides details about the kinds of work available in the company (or acts as an aggregator). It helps you explore whether the positions you seek are available in your area. When looking for a job, the chatbot asks all your requirements helping avoid mistakes that might hurt your chances to find the right one.

          Benefits for the Employee and Employer:

Saving time from surfing on multiple job websites

All available jobs in one place: Viber, WhatsApp or SMS

Filtered job offers on the messenger – you don’t waste time looking at the improper job

An employee knows the salary frames

Put filters and find the right one

Saving recruiters’ time for employees seeking

Chatbot acts as a recruiter assistant, making the first-step interview

Recruiters get the employees who sought this one job



Saving time on the job search

Fast searching for the job in one place with filters (location, salary, position)



FAQs automatically available in messenger

Finding the nearest store

Changing language in chatbot interface

Link to the online stores

Link to the online stores

Personal phone number recognition

Automation advertising promotion



AWS Lambda helps run code for virtually any type of application or backend service – all with zero administration. 

DynamoDB is a fully managed proprietary NoSQL database service that supports key-value and document data structures and is offered by Amazon.

API Gateway is a server that is the single entry point into the system. 

Twilio allows programmatically to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.

Dialogflow is a Google-owned developer of human-computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations.

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Queue Management

The clients request was to build a smart appointments management system for american beauty points.  The automated queue management enables a higher level of time utilization and more convenient service for the end customers

          Financial Benefit:

Lowering cost per conversation with a potential client

Lowering cost per live agent department keeping

Increasing stylist time for a service, not for queue management

Increasing revenue by queue management and filling all working hours without declined visits



Simplification of service ordering via chatbot

Quick appointment scheduling to the stylist

Queue management to avoid losing time and money

Avoiding any paper notebooks and involving stylist in scheduling



Complicated AI functionality for scheduling appointment

Request to include phone number to waiting list 

Rescheduling or canceling appointments

Searching the available client just once there is a cancellation

Internal CRM for managing clients

Own calendar management with the ability to setup working hours and blackout dates



AWS Lambda is the computing service from that allows running code without creating, setting up and managing servers. The AWS Lambda helped to place code that provides the addition of stylists’ services name from the database to DialogFlow

AWS API Gateway is a service that allows for creating and maintaining a scalable API service, which can interact with any other Amazon service (Lambda, S3, App running on ec2 instance etc.) in the project.

Node.js is a server-side, asynchronous, event-driven runtime environment, that allows us to build a server-side application using javascript syntax with the most recent ES standards support.

Botkit is the Node.js framework, that has implemented some easy and convenient methods for working with different bot platforms and programming flow of the dialog with complicated business logic and various API integrations support.

DialogFlow the platform is necessary to gather and recognize a client’s intent and produce human-like responses.

PHP API was used to create the backend project portion. It allows us to focus not only on the framework code, but also the business logic.

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Platform for Live Agent Connection


The Rake bot was created for W5Golf – the company which provides a system for optimization of relevant engagements and improving services. It also provides customer experience optimization solutions and helps develop customer experience strategies that deliver results.

Dashboards and reports

Project description

The main goal was to build a bot for not only communication. The bot understands all kinds of questions related to company services and recognizes human speech. Also, the system provides bots hosting and live agents connection. The system is really efficient such as current clients conversation is able to be saved. It helps the bot to move towards the right step when it gets the client’s message.

Duration: 1.5 year.

Development team

Node.js and Angular.js developers, QA Engineer.

What we built



The solution includes

Facebook – the system automatically adds new FacebookApplication configurations and gets inbound messages from Facebook page he/she is signed.

SMS Twilio – the service that provides clients and live agent communication via SMS and provides notification mailing for appropriate clients.

We created own web-widget to place on any website. Users get access to the bot via mentioned webwidget and messages history.

The services and Frameworks we used

We selected a set of tools matching our project requirements and client needs.

Botkit is open source platform were used to create bots for different Messengers like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Twilio and Web-widget.

NodeJS + Express.js help to deploy web-server.

Loopback is the framework that was selected to automate API generation for the work with a database. It includes standard CRUD methods generation and provides delimitations of database access.

Angular.js is an open source framework that allows creating web-interface for administration dashboard for chatbot management.

MongoDB was used for saving clients and bots data.

Google Engine is the platform for project deploying. It provides automation scaling depends on server load.

Development process

The first step was prototyping the system that provides bots connection and disconnection without overloading.

Then we created module files that contain the logic of bot’s workflow. After that, we developed an administration panel for customers.

Bot architecture

Bot architecture

Technical challenges

As the system is multilevel, we founded the solution that provides bots addition and removal without system restarting. One of the client’s requirement was system scaling. So, it seems to be impossible to set up a standard Google App Engine balancer. It can break the wholeness of a client’s conversation.

We built the solution that saves the current a client’s conversation and moves the bot to the necessary next step when it gets the message.

The result
  • Technical result: We provided automation scaling system that acts depend on server load.
  • Business result: We didn’t build a simple bot where are few options for choice on buttons. Our chatbot is able to communicate with people, understand all kinds of questions related to company services and recognize human speech.

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Helper for Live Agent and Customer Engagement


Project description

BeeOpen is the new solution for better engagement clients with live agents. It means that a client gets the appropriate and complete answer regarding the issue.

BeeOpen – is the system that allows live agents to provide answers, and assign the task to the specialists. It is a more convenient solution, unlike others because the system is able to initiate calls, create tasks and provide statistics.

Duration: since June – ongoing

Development team

Developers, Project Manager, Tech Lead, QA Engineer

What we built
Services and frameworks we used

Node.js helps to deploy the web-server.

React, React Native are JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces.

Redux is the open-source JavaScript library for state management with flexible architectures.

SocketIO is a library that enables real-time bidirectional and event-based communication between the browser and the server.

React Native is the framework that was used to build a cross-platform solution for the mobile version.

Incontact is the messaging platform that provides online chatting live agents with clients.

The solution includes

WebClient is a workplace for the live agent, which included knowledge base, answers scripts, tasks management, and customers info management.

Messenger is a separate module which is connected to Rake core. It allows live agents to chat with customers.

solution includes

The result

We are creating a system for business processes and simplification of live agents’ working process. The system differs by its wide range of functionality – it is also able to initiate calls. The statistic implemented to the solution gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to see and gantlet how much benefits it could bring to their business.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Automation Building Process

Project description

We have built a solution that allows users to get information about the construction process, stored in the Geometrid database. Its flexibility allows it to be easily used with different projects without making any major changes to the bot.

Duration: 1 month

Development team
Developers, Tech Lead, Project Manager, QA Engineer
What we built
The solution includes

Support for different messengers, like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber or Skype, as well as a web-based widget.

The services and frameworks we used

DialogFlow is the platform, which provides analyzing and recognition of user’s query, as well as easy integration with many messengers.

Node-RED is the programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is the service for deploying and scaling web applications and services

Development process

We always demonstrate to our clients how their platform or bot are developing to assure them of high-quality services and the team’s product set in mind.

Firstly, we’ve gathered all the client’s requirements and brain-stormed regarding best practices of implementation. When the strategy of project running was identified, we started to develop chatbot using DialogFlow. After that, we gathered all possible required intents and set up them all. We created the server with Node-RED help and set it up to process user’s questions into database queries. The last step, when the logic was created and tested, we deployed it to Elastic Beanstalk server.

Bot architecture
Bot architecture
The result

The Chatbots.Studio team built a solution that allows for easy and quick access to information stored in the database about any object related to the building. The main benefit is, that using this bot does not require the user to know any database querying languages, or install any additional software, as this bot is available on the most popular messengers.

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AI Chatbot for Tracking Pricing List


Project description

Chatbots.Studio created an amazing solution that will turn the world of retail business on its head. Everyone knows that to be successful in a market means to know your competitors really well. Our chatbot helps companies keep tabs on their competitor’s pricing so they can better adjust their own.

The bot greets a user and suggests tracking a specific pricing page. The changes will be displayed to the user once we receive a response of what exactly changed, the main condition here is for the end user to pay with PayPal for the subscription, as there will not be the possibility to check for the changed information.

Duration: January – ongoing.

Development team

Developers, QA Engineer, Project Manager,

What we built


The solution includes

Slack Corporate Messenger

The services and Frameworks we used

ApifyThe scalable web crawling and scraping library that simplifies the development of web crawlers, scrapers, data extractors, and web automation jobs.

Sequelize – Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js ORM for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server. It features solid transaction support, relations, read replication and more.

Botkit – is a Node.js framework, that has implemented some easy and convenient methods for working with different bot platforms and programming flow of dialogs with complicated business logic and various

Node.js is the server-side, asynchronous, event-driven runtime environment, that allows us to build a server-side application using javascript syntax with the most recent ES standards support.

Development process

This solution is currently in developing but for now, we already have a working chatbot that has satisfied marketers’, entrepreneurs and product owners. At the beginning of the project, developers launched a simple scraper, which saved the information to the AWS S3 bucket. Now, Slack bot has been integrated including the persistent data storage – MySQL which is under development currently.

At the beginning of the project, I launched simple scraper, which saved information to the AWS S3 bucket. Now, Slack bot has been integrated including the persistent data storage – MySQL which is under development currently.

Bot architecture

Bot architecture

The result

Chatbots.Studio is developing a chatbot that brings real results and value to business without additional acts. Cutting edge technologies were used to augment the marketing strategy. When the owners implement chatbot in their business, there is no longer any reason to buy expensive tools to measure competitor pricing or to employ special buyers. Chatbot tracks competitor pricing for goods or services and showcases them to you in the appropriate order. After that, you can make a decision as to what to change or improve in your business with confidence.

So, adjust the business strategy with our chatbot and grow!

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