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Our Customers Recognise the Importance of Chatbots []

If you’ve heard of us, you’ve probably heard of chatbots before. These automation tools have so many uses no matter your industry — insurance, manufacturing, education, you name it. But if you don’t build it right, it can very well be another gimmick in your marketing portfolio.


But with the right agency, you can make money off of a chatbot. Studies have shown that chatbots can improve an app, especially when it comes to customer engagement. Having a 24-hour customer service agent can up your buyer satisfaction rates without investing in more human resources.


Our clients know this, and we’re humbled to be their choice for chatbot development.


As a tried-and-true developer for all things chatbot-related, we’re the top United Kingdom developer according to Clutch, the B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their shortlist counterpart The Manifests puts us as number 17 in Ukraine among AI developers thanks to our 4.9 average review score and proven ability to deliver.


One of our happy customers is VARUS, one of the largest supermarket chains based in Ukraine. They needed help finding a way to streamline customer engagement and improve their feedback mechanisms. 


In response, we created a Facebook Messenger chatbot. It collected phone numbers and other information through a virtual discount card that buyers could scan as a QR code. That helped us organize all their customers’ information and feedback into a database, making it easy for VARUS to find and address buyer claims and complaints.



We were proud to see that almost 18,000 clients added the virtual card within the first day and that 60,000 found the card within the week via the Facebook Messenger bot. But what really makes our success extra sweet is that VARUS left us perfect ratings on their Clutch review of our services.



We couldn’t be happier to see that our investment in the client experience paid off. 


Even if you’re not a large national corporation, we’re here to improve your customer engagement and take your business to another level. 


For a small healthcare app, we built a chatbot that allows patients to communicate with medical professionals. The app takes users’ information and connects them to the best professional for the job. 



The app is still in testing, but all signs point to a successful launch going forward. We look forward to seeing their success and are humbled to earn 5-star scores across the board for our efforts.


“For now, the chatbot functions perfectly. Our next goal is to discover how comfortable our customers are with using the app and find anything that needs changing. I’m happy with our engagement.” – CEO, Software Development Company

Interested in learning more about our clients and their experiences working with us? Check out our Clutch profile and read on!



Ready to get started with a chatbot today? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Chatbots.Studio Presented Platform Bot for Small Businesses And Enterprises In New York

Chatbots.Studio Co-Founders Andriy Sabanskiy and Max Popov attended FinovateFall 2019 in Autumn. 

FinnovateFall is a finance forum for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. This year it was held in NYC at the Marriott Marquis.

Andriy and Max presented a bot platform for small and middle businesses created in collaboration with Visa. The Platform developed for quick payment in shops, cafes via a chatbot in messenger. 

Since the 1st of October, everyone can use the platform in Visa Smart Cafe and in every cafe in Ukraine. 

Look at the video to get the full Platform presentation and its benefits for small businesses and enterprises.

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Chatbots.Studio Announced 5th Node.js Developer Internship

It is the 5th time when Chatbots.Studio launches internship and shares knowledge on Node.js and SDK Botkit. That is a great opportunity to boost your skills and get a job in the top global leader in chatbot development.

Many challenging projects are waiting for a true professional like you!

We are inviting you to join our free internship this autumn.

Internship’s start date will be announced after 4th October (end date to send CV).


We offer:

  • Teamwork
  • Flexible working hours
  • An opportunity to get the job


Our requirements:

  • Having experience in Node.js and SDK Botkit
  • Huge desire to grow as Node.js developer


Test task:

Give a postman file that helps to get Facebook Account Photo.


Send your CV and the completed test task by 4th October.


Find DOU info here.


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Chatbots.Studio is #1 Top Chatbot Maker among Top Chatbot Companues in the United Kingdom!

Chatbots.Studio is #1 Top Chatbot Maker among Top Chatbot Makers in the United Kingdom! 


Chatbots.Studio is an innovative technology team that delivers excellence in conversational platforms and chatbot development.


Combining solid marketing expertise in conversational interfaces, with a deep understanding of the latest technologies to deliver tangible business value to our customers. Our services are designed to take your business to the next level while improving engagement and reducing the gap between you and your customers. 


This brings us to the Top Chatbot Makers in the United Kingdom.


For more information about our services visit this page


We are looking forward to starting with your project and bringing value to your business! 


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Chatbots.Studio is #1 Top Chatbot Maker Among The 15 World Leaders According to Clutch

Chatbots.Studio is an innovative technology team that delivers excellence in conversational platforms and chatbot development.

Combining solid marketing expertise in conversational interfaces, with a deep understanding of the latest technologies to deliver tangible business value to our customers. Our services are designed to take your business to the next level, while improving engagement and reducing the gap between you and your customers.

This brings us to the Top Chatbot Makers Matrix as #1.

What our clients say:

“The chatbot completely meets expectations and functions perfectly. The Chatbots.Studio team brought expertise and dedication to the engagement, ensuring they were available whenever needed. Their reliability and strong project management skills were highlights of the collaboration”.

“The finished chatbot reduced the processing time by 20%. Chatbots.Studio delivered a high-quality solution using new technologies while meeting deadlines. Regular communication, timely delivery, and clear organization made the collaboration run smoothly”.

“Chatbots.Studio delivers top-notch results, with the first phase completed ahead of schedule. Their nuanced understanding of technical requirements and fluid communication has led to additional projects”.

For more information about our services visit the page.

We are looking forward to starting with your project and bring value to your business!

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Chatbots.Studio Announced a Partnership With Yozobi

Through this partnership, Chatbots.Studio will become their first technical partner and adviser. Our partner’s business will be supplemented by our deep technology expertise, bringing new knowledge to their business and providing engineering. 

For us, we gain a fiduciary UK partner, sharing their expertise and strategies on business development and sales. 

Moving forward, Chatbots.Studio and Yozobi will continue to work together to expand new horizons in this mutually beneficial partnership.

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The Firts Guide To The AI Chatbot Project Management Is Out On Amazon!

Once in a while, an idea grabs a hold of our minds, and we just can’t stop thinking about it. This is the case now. So we decided to sit down and write the helpful FIRST guide for business owners, project managers and everyone else who is in chatbot development.

The long wait is finally over! The New Guide to AI Chatbot Project Management is out and on sale NOW!
Igor Luzhanskiy is the first author who published a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to manage AI chatbot project in an organized and predictable way.

For whom is this guide dedicated? We identified the roles which would find the following information useful during project management:

  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analytics

Igor Luzhanskiy, Chatbots.Studio Co-Founder, author:

“I have the supreme pleasure of sharing with you the AI
Сhatbot Development Methodology. I hope that it
will help you run AI chatbot development projects
in controlled environments, and thus make your
bot all that much better. Enjoy the journey and
I would be very pleased to hear back from you.”

Download The Guide to AI Chatbot Project Management today!

Follow the tips, avoid pitfalls, understand the true value of your chatbot and build AI chatbots in an organized and predictable way.

Click the link and buy the first in a niche guide!


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Chatbots.Studio is Robocopy’s Official Representative in Eastern Europe

Chatbot Summit is a great space for broadening horizons and making new friends as we did. This week we’re announcing a new partnership with – a company that helps with copywriting, training and consultancy, to design conversations that make chatbots and voice assistants more helpful, natural and persuasive. 

What does mean our partnership? Chatbots.Studio has become a representative of Robocopy knowledge base – Conversation Design Courses (soon it will be in Russian, conducted by our team). 

A new day means new opportunities! 


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Deep Knowledge Analytics Ranks Chatbots.Studio in The List of Top AI Companies

Expanding horizons, new partners and friends are our vectors in growth. Chatbots.Studio has become a part of the Deep Knowledge Analytics Platform MindMap. 

Deep Knowledge Analytics is the leading DeepTech-focused analytical agency, producing advanced analytical reports on DeepTech and frontier-technology industries, using sophisticated multi-dimensional analytical frameworks and algorithmic methods. They combine hundreds of specially-designed and specifically-weighted metrics and parameters to deliver sophisticated market intelligence, pragmatic forecasting and tangible industry benchmarking.

The platform will be open to qualified stakeholders. It will serve as the framework for industry optimization and cross-disciplinary integration and collaboration between companies, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and government officials. The overarching aim of the platform is to promote the synergistic and integrated development of the AI, IoT, VR, AR, FinTech, GovTech, LegalTech, Digital Medicine, and Longevity Industries to maximize the benefits for all industry stakeholders.

Find  Chatbots.Studio among the AI Eastern Europe Industry Landscape listing as one of the top and innovative chatbot providers. 

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MobileAppDaily Ranks Chatbots.Studio Among Top Chatbot App Development Companies

Chatbots.Studio is a well-known innovative technical team of highly experienced mobile app designers and application developers whose main focus remains on delivering excellence to the most conversational platforms in the form of interactive chatbot app development. The chatbot application development company has also been known to be among the top trusted AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution providers for global organizations.

In addition to this, the SaaS Solutions of Chatbots.Studio are also successfully working in different industry verticals like banks, insurance, telecom, retail, transportation, and many more. In total, they are currently initiating about 4270 conversations per hour across various social media apps and channels which include Facebook Messenger, Web, Viber, Telegram, Slack and many more.

Why MobileAppDaily Chose Chatbot.Studio?

MobileAppDaily is a well-established news and media portal in the field of technology that has created a name for itself in the global market in such a short span of time. This portal covers everything related to the tech and mobile application industry which also consists of all the latest and trending updates related to the web as well as mobile apps.  

At, the team basically combines its solid marketing expertise in the most conversational interfaces along with an in-depth understanding of the latest and emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), flutter, etc to deliver great business value to their clients. To appreciate their team’s efforts over the past few years, MobileAppDaily has decided to rank Chatbot.Studio on its exclusive list of Top Chatbot app development companies of 2019. 

Since the day of its inception, this tech news portal has offered nothing but the best content related to the process of mobile app development so that its readers can get the top insights related to the mobile app industry. Apart from this, some of the other categories that are covered in this tech-based media portal are detailed Android and iOS mobile app reviews. 

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