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Chatbot For Online Diagnostics and Sales in Facebook Messenger

Recently Yves Rocher Ukraine announced that engagement with clients will be maintained by the new digital tool – chatbot on Facebook Messenger! A virtual assistant will help to find the best care cosmetic. The bot will analyze the users’ answers based on a large-scale information base formed by the brand’s experts and offer specific Yves Rocher products that best meet the needs of customers, skin type and its features. The main chatbot’s aim is to sell more and promote the brand.
          Financial Benefit:

Increasing client conversion

Advertising and promotion cost reducing

Lowering cost per engagement with the client



Simplification of personal engagement with a client

Increasing client conversions by offering a personal discount if user share email address

Digitalization of clients engagement



Online skin or hair diagnostic in messenger

Help in choosing individual care cosmetics

Offering personal discount

Showing actual offers and bonuses

Survey results saving

Choosing the language of communication



Corezoid – is the cloud OS that was used to manage chatbots flow and to track user activity.

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