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The Guide How to Choose Chatbot Development Service Provider [Ways and Places]

Igor Luzhanskiy

Igor Luzhanskiy

February 22, 2019

It could look like the selection of a chatbot development service provider for your project, may be similar to the selection of software outsourcing provider, but in reality, it has several peculiarities, which are worth watching.

Focus on chatbot development services

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are considered to be a hot topic and many custom software development providers are extending their offering with chatbots development. On the one hand, it looks pretty easy to snag a chatbot development trend. On the other, there is a knowledge that comes with expertise. For example:

  •         How to correctly identify intents, train NLP engines and maintain the context of a conversation  
  •         Specifics of each messenger and communication channel, especially related to accounts approval
  •         Best practices for building engaging conversations

So buying a service from the provider that has a focus on chatbot development services, lets you avoid mistakes made by previous clients.

You can easily check if the service provider is, “one-shop-for-all-purposes” or if it’s a dedicated chatbot provider, by looking at their offering on the web sites, checking the agency name (guess with BOTfriends, Chatbots.Studio, Unibot and others with the similar names are doing?) and looking at how companies are marking themselves on listings. For example, there are only two 100% chatbot development providers on the clutch listing.

Proven portfolio and existing chatbots

That is a must – the agency should have a portfolio of working chatbots. Check the website for case studies and ask for a demo in case some of the bots are protected (delivered by subscriptions, require specific permissions to access it and etc.). I would recommend becoming pretty wary if the chatbot development agency can’t demonstrate any sort of live chatbot.

Tools that are used by the company

Some service providers promote their own tools for chatbot development. It has a clear value proposition, as the bot become cheaper and delivery is done quicker when comparing the development of the bot from scratch.

However the client should be careful with such an approach, first of all, you are getting locked in with the chatbot agency and technology, so simply will not be able to find another provider as no one works with their proprietary solution. And second, big players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM have more endless resources to keep their solution relevant and updated.   

Contribution to the chatbot development community

Chatbots are a relatively new topic, which is rapidly evolving over recent times, so from my perspective, a good chatbot provider should help contribute to the knowledge of the chatbot community. For example, we have a chatbot development methodology, video courses, meetup and internship for the talented developers.

List of chatbot development service providers

Yep, I know that you are not only looking for Chatbots.Studio to be a provider. So without further adieu here is a list of independent ratings where you can find a chatbot development service provider for yourself – Top Chatbot Development Companies.


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