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How to Get The Job in Chatbot Development Agency [Platforms, Places, Websites]

Igor Luzhanskiy

Igor Luzhanskiy

February 19, 2019

At Chatbot development agency, we are constantly looking for resources, where chatbot development jobs are located. Taking into account our experience, we can with a great deal of confidence state that specialized platforms simply can’t provide constant job flow for agencies similar to us.

It is far better to analyze resources by themselves and find the most suitable marketplace, which would work for chatbot development agencies. We can’t blindly trust steaming piles of marketing, such as Top 100”, “Best of the best”, “You must try it” etc. Obviously, info that includes numbers is more credible than words alone.

How did we analyze platforms?

We compiled 31 well known marketplaces to the table and represented data clearly and concisely. In addition, we analyzed the posted DialogFlow projects within a 30-day time frame in April in marketplaces. So, enjoy the results of our investigation below.

Hope it will be useful for your business. Enjoy 🙂


As we have seen, Upwork persistently is the most suitable platform to find a chatbot development job. SimplyHired is just vacancies website that doesn’t post projects online.

If we missed effective job boards related to our services, or you want to help us improve our investigations, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via email.


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