Client’s profile

Leading Ukrainian banking institution with offices in every region of Ukraine serving millions of local customers in 2016.

Project KPIs after the first 6 months

  • Overall satisfaction score 5.3% increase in bot users group
  • In bot 2.17% of all P2P volume (micropayments)
  • ⅕ of total operations number of customers connected to bot (mostly micropayments)
  • About 7% of new cards (Visa and Mastercard) issued/re-issued among customers connected to bot

Client objectives

The client was looking for new efficient remarketing and product marketing channels to increase mobile operations volume in private banking sector.

We committed to creation of automated interaction solutions with customers, creating in messenger access to products for private banking, tool for contact center operators and customer support automation.

Provided solution

Virtual assistants (chatbots) for Viber, Telegram, Sender to assist relations with customers queries and following processes:

  • Customers identification in Messengers
  • Selling banking products
  • Automate Customer Support with take over to human feature
  • Self Service ( customer’s profile access, services and operations notifications for private banking ).
  • FAQ
  • Contact Center Operator’s Home App

Key features

  • CRM & Mobile App API Integrations.
  • P2P, Cards issuing, Operations notifications and additional payments confirmations
  • Operator’s Home App with queues management
  • Transfer to colleague take over to human features
  • In Messenger Customers Identification.
  • Net Promoter Score Surveys

Key technical challenges

  • Architecting flows to avoid exchange of secure banking data in messengers
  • Integrations with API for mobile banking
  • Formalizing the existing conversation scenarios and knowledge base for conversations scripts
  • 2 languages support (Ukrainian and Russian)

Used technology

  • Viber, Telegram, Sender
  • Business logic layer Coresoid / Amazon AWS
  • NLP Dialogflow (former API.ai)
  • Sender as Operator’s Home App
  • Elastic Search + Kibana
  • Custom CRM API