Client’s profile

Leading Ukrainian insurance company, which provides private and business insurance services including life, car and labour insurance coverage options. The company has offices in every region of Ukraine and above 1/2 mln of active customers by 2017.

Project KPIs after first 3 month

  • Reduced call costs on 3%
  • Reduced lost contacts from 3,5% to 1%
  • Reduced AVG. time on 1 contact 11%
  • Increased overall satisfaction score 5% Up.

Client objectives

The client was looking for options to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, while maintaining the same level of client satisfaction and response time.

The client was keen to put his operations toward the digital and had launched the corresponding corporate program.

We committed to the implementation of automated interaction solutions with customers, including chatbots and tools for contact center operators.

Provided solution

Virtual assistants (chatbots) for Facebook, Viber to assist relations with customers queries and following processes:

  • Customers identification in Messengers
  • Selling and UpSelling Flows for Insurance Products
  • Customer Support with take over to human
  • Self Service ( customer’s profile access, active products, orders, services and expiration notifications ).
  • FAQ
  • Contact Center Operator’s Home App

Key features

  • CRM & ESP, Mobile Service providers Integrations
  • Operator’s Home App with queues management
  • Transfer to colleague and take over to human features
  • Customers Identification In Messengers
  • Net Promoter Score Surveys
  • Automatics Conversations Bottleneck Reporter

Key technical challenges

  • 2 languages support (Ukrainian and Russian)  
  • Integrations with custom built solutions
  • Formalizing the existing conversation scenarios and knowledge base for conversations scripts

Used technology

  • FB Messenger, Viber
  • Business logic layer Coresoid / Amazon AWS / JavaScript, Node.js
  • Cisco FlexConnect
  • SalesForce CRM API
  • Google BigQuerry, Elastic Search + Kibana