Popular features for bots by industry


Account details, payments via chat, store locator, complain management, product wizard (which product is the best knowing my profile)


Account details, per to per payments, produce-service wizard (find the best product/service by knowing my profile), branch/ATM locator, investment assistant, notifications about new deals/prices (stock-currency), alert about overdrafts


Account details, quote wizard, right product based on the user profile, agent-store locator, request assistant, incident report, claims management


Product sales, complain management, product discounts, store finder, order tracker, returns management, digital coupon delivery


Account details, health history wizard, doctor locator, personal training notifications, prescription refills, make appointment with to doctor


Account details, manage your bill, outage alerts, digital meter information, saving and safety tips, complaint management


Account details, track package, calculate shipping’s, schedule pickup, pay bills, find locations, issue the claim, receive proof of delivery.


Account details, shows, episodes, schedule, alerts, technical support, complain management, buy merchandise, pay bills

Travel and hospitality

Account details, book a room, offers, hotel directory & map, gift cards and etc.

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