Helper for Live Agent and Customer Engagement

Project description

BeeOpen is the new solution for better engagement clients with live agents. It means that a client gets the appropriate and complete answer regarding the issue.

BeeOpen – is the system that allows live agents to provide answers, and assign the task to the specialists. It is a more convenient solution, unlike others because the system is able to initiate calls, create tasks and provide statistics.

Duration: since June – ongoing 

Development Team

Node.js, React.js, Redux developers

What we built
Services and frameworks we used

Node.js – helps to deploy the web-server.

React, React Native – is a JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces.

Redux – is an open-source JavaScript library for state management with flexible architectures.  

SocketIO – is a library that enables real-time bidirectional and event-based communication between the browser and the server.

React Native – a framework that was used to build a cross-platform solution for the mobile version.

Incontact – is the messaging platform that provides online chatting live agents with clients.

Bot architecture

The solution includes

WebClient is a workplace for the live agent, which included knowledge base, answers scripts, tasks management, and customers info management.

Messenger is a separate module which is connected to Rake core. It allows live agents to chat with customers.

The result

We are creating a system for business processes and simplification of live agents’ working process. The system differs by its wide range of functionality – it is also able to initiate calls. The statistic implemented to the solution gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to see and gantlet how much benefits it could bring to their business.

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