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How To Register a Chatbot In WhatsApp With Twilio [Step-By-Step Guide]

The step-by-step guide is created for business owners and project managers who want to get a verified Twilio number. Mostly, business owners do not want to share Facebook Business Account Manager and payment card details. So, you can use the guide and get the number 🙂

The first step is to create a free Twilio account on the Twilio website.

Create a Facebook Business Account and Facebook Business Account Manager. Below the brief guide on how to do this and connect with Twilio phone number. Our recommendation is to have a good business account (not empty and without any info).


Create a Business Manager.


Go to


Click Create Account.



Enter a name for your business, select the primary Page and enter your name and work email address. Note: If you don’t yet have a Page for your business, create one.





Twilio WhatsApp request access



When you have finished with Facebook Business Account and Facebook Business Account Manager, upgrade your Twilio account and make the payment for it. You can’t get a number while using a free Twilio account. Attention! Sometimes (it depends on country dial code) Twilio asks business documents to confirm that the business is real. 


After that make a request from Twilio to WhatsApp(in case you have a phone number, facebook business account and Facebook business account manager). In the form enter a new phone number that you already bought. Pay attention and fill the line ‘Twilio account SID (you can find it in console Twilio) and Business Manager ID. 


 Wait for the notification regarding account approvement.



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5 Chatbot Uses and Scenario For Outsourcing Company

Thank you for placing your trust in us and reading our blog! If you are in outsourcing, welcome and let’s learn how to boost it with AI chatbot!
To be successful with your target audience, the first rule is building a trustful relationship and valuable engagement. With that in mind, the client will be connecting with you on different channels to get your services. The engagement must be quick and supported 24/7, despite any working hours you may have listed.

The chatbot could be implemented for different purposes: starting from internal staff communication up to content marketing.

So, I dived deeply into this type of business and found out 5 uses of a chatbot that would work for you the best.

Chatbot that qualifies leads

Chatbot selects leads according to your wishes: type of services that client requests, city, project budget, MQL, SQL etc. You can integrate calendars with the bot to convert customers and schedule meetings in the process. Also can build sequences and program conversations with saved replies.

Survey for clients

Learn what your clients need and if you have a little landing page where you are asking about feedback, remove it. A chatbot makes it more interactive. You’ll get much more feedback compared to a landing space on a website.

Scheduling a demo or meeting with the sales department

The CTA button is necessary for websites, to encourage customers to come and make a purchase. When the client is ready to speak, a chatbot will offer to schedule a meeting or show the chatbot demo and make the event on the calendar. Awesome, isn’t it?

24/7 customer support

That is one of the main chatbot benefits! What do you do when the client sent requests at night? While you are sleeping, chatbot will serve the lead and add him to the CRM system. While you were absent, chatbot turned the prospect into a lead.


The most valuable chatbot benefit. Clients can order your outsourcing services through messenger or a web widget (that’s the best fit) on your website.
We researched how chatbot works for sales in greater detail. Check our articles there:
Chatbot as a New Sales Channel for Small Business
How Chatbots Improve Cross-Selling

How do you see your chatbot? What is the main goal of the virtual assistant for you?

To provide detailed information and chatbot uses with measurable indicators, feel free to contact us and we will figure something out.

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Chatbots.Studio is #1 Top Chatbot Maker Among The 15 World Leaders According to Clutch

Chatbots.Studio is an innovative technology team that delivers excellence in conversational platforms and chatbot development.

Combining solid marketing expertise in conversational interfaces, with a deep understanding of the latest technologies to deliver tangible business value to our customers. Our services are designed to take your business to the next level, while improving engagement and reducing the gap between you and your customers.

This brings us to the Top Chatbot Makers Matrix as #1.

What our clients say:

“The chatbot completely meets expectations and functions perfectly. The Chatbots.Studio team brought expertise and dedication to the engagement, ensuring they were available whenever needed. Their reliability and strong project management skills were highlights of the collaboration”.

“The finished chatbot reduced the processing time by 20%. Chatbots.Studio delivered a high-quality solution using new technologies while meeting deadlines. Regular communication, timely delivery, and clear organization made the collaboration run smoothly”.

“Chatbots.Studio delivers top-notch results, with the first phase completed ahead of schedule. Their nuanced understanding of technical requirements and fluid communication has led to additional projects”.

For more information about our services visit the page.

We are looking forward to starting with your project and bring value to your business!

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The Firts Guide To The AI Chatbot Project Management Is Out On Amazon!

Once in a while, an idea grabs a hold of our minds, and we just can’t stop thinking about it. This is the case now. So we decided to sit down and write the helpful FIRST guide for business owners, project managers and everyone else who is in chatbot development.

The long wait is finally over! The New Guide to AI Chatbot Project Management is out and on sale NOW!
Igor Luzhanskiy is the first author who published a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to manage AI chatbot project in an organized and predictable way.

For whom is this guide dedicated? We identified the roles which would find the following information useful during project management:

  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analytics

Igor Luzhanskiy, Chatbots.Studio Co-Founder, author:

“I have the supreme pleasure of sharing with you the AI
Сhatbot Development Methodology. I hope that it
will help you run AI chatbot development projects
in controlled environments, and thus make your
bot all that much better. Enjoy the journey and
I would be very pleased to hear back from you.”

Download The Guide to AI Chatbot Project Management today!

Follow the tips, avoid pitfalls, understand the true value of your chatbot and build AI chatbots in an organized and predictable way.

Click the link and buy the first in a niche guide!


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Chatbots.Studio is Robocopy’s Official Representative in Eastern Europe

Chatbot Summit is a great space for broadening horizons and making new friends as we did. This week we’re announcing a new partnership with – a company that helps with copywriting, training and consultancy, to design conversations that make chatbots and voice assistants more helpful, natural and persuasive. 

What does mean our partnership? Chatbots.Studio has become a representative of Robocopy knowledge base – Conversation Design Courses (soon it will be in Russian, conducted by our team). 

A new day means new opportunities! 


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Successfully Implemented WhatsApp Chatbot For Grocery Shoping Service

We are happy to present the results of our successful cooperation with YeboFresh – WhatsApp chatbot! 

Yebofresh – is South Africa’s online shopping service, making quality products accessible to South Africa’s underserved population.

WhatsApp chatbot for the customer is ready to use and live! How does it work for YeboFresh?

  • Product search by relevant code and making returns for the keyword entered
  • Assigning a customer to the relevant live agent and searching for the nearest location
  • Showing current status or ordering
  • Integration with YeboFresh online shopping platform


If you want to have a WhatsApp chatbot like this (or any other platform), drop us a request and we’ll schedule the demo asap. 



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Training Workshops Started! Take Your First Steps In Node.js

24 of June was the first event in Lviv for newbies in Node.js with a detailed explanation of how to take those crucial first steps in development! 

During the 1.5-hour lecture, speaker helped attendees understand why this language is so powerful and widely used nowadays. He gave use cases of amazing things you can build with Node.js.

Yuriy answered the question that beginners always ask: what is the difference between Node.js and JavaScript and how does it work on the server.


We also considered:

  • Asynchronous concepts of Node.js: how to work with it properly.
  • The most common technical stack – MERN.
  • Junior Node.js back-end developer checkbox

So, demand shows that you’ll see our top developers at the next events soon! 


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Viber Chatbot for Increasing Sales

The solution was designed for ordering and delivery food with embed online payment 24/7. Chatbot combines great UI and high-speed processing in serving clients.
          Financial Benefit:

More sales conversion without any extra costs

Lowering live support costs 

Increased conversion rate per conversation

Decreased cost per conversation

Increasing of loyalty audience

Increasing the number of sales



Involving active users of messengers to shopping

Decreasing of bounce rate

Building a permanent client base for easy communication

Decreasing costs for lead generation

Increasing sales funnel

Making an order in a few clicks



Embed goods search

Shopping cart

Instant order processing

Cross-sale via relevant offers



Botkit – an open source development tool for building a chatbot, apps and custom integrations for major messaging platforms. 

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Chatbot For Supporting Educational Process

Chatbot acts as a teacher and guide during the learning process. The solution also checks and fixes students’ mistakes.
          Financial Benefit:

More sales conversions without any extra costs

Lowering live support costs 

Increased conversion rate per conversation

Increased more traffic to the company website

Increased activity to the app and sales per month

Decrease the costs for students’ live agent support



Course sales in chatbot without live agent help

Supporting during the learning process

Сlasses Automation without a teacher

Providing English and Math classes



24/7 customer service. Even if the student is in another timezone, he will be served immediately

Ability to serve students in their most pop messenger among teens

Checking sentence context

Checking grammar in the text

Checking and offering the right tense for sentence

Checking in on the students’ feelings and mood



Dialogflow is an end-to-end, build-once deploy-everywhere development suite for creating conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices.

Botkit – an open source developer tool for building a chatbot, apps and custom integrations for major messaging platforms. 

Node.js an open source server environment. 


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Chatbot for Home Service Ordering in Telegram

The chatbot is your personal helper. It finds the best maid or gardener to make your life easy. Embed online payment for client convenience.
          Financial Benefit:

Increasing sales in the channel without live agent support

Increasing of cross-sales

More sales conversations without any extra costs

Reducing costs per every conversation

Reducing costs for the internal staff



Simplification of ordering home services

Sales without a live agent

Quick connection with a live agent in case of need

Ability to communicate through all preferred messengers (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Twilio)



24/7 customer service. Even when the customer is in another timezone, he will be served immediately

Ability to connect with a live agent during the conversation

Integration with Stripe for checking and saving payment data

Integration with CMS

Email notification about the client’s request to invite a live agent to the conversation

Location recognition

Integration with the calendar



FlowXO is a complete platform to create, manage and publish your chatbot

DialogFlow is an end-to-end, build-once deploy-everywhere development suite for creating conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices.

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