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Chatbots.Studio Started 4th Node.js Developer Internship

Every few months Chatbots.Studio launches internship and shares knowledge on Node.js and SDK Botkit. That is a great opportunity to boost your skills and get a job in the top global leader in chatbot development. 

Many challenging projects are waiting for a true professional like you! 

We are inviting you to join our free internship this summer.

Internships start date will be announced after 15th July (end date to send CV).

We offer:

  • Teamwork
  • Flexible working hours
  • An opportunity to get the job

Our requirements: 

  • Having experience in Node.js and SDK Botkit
  • Huge desire to grow as Node.js developer


Test task:

Give a postman file that helps to get Facebook Messenger QR code


Send your CV and the completed test task by 15th June.


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Training Workshops Started! Take Your First Steps In Node.js

24 of June was the first event in Lviv for newbies in Node.js with a detailed explanation of how to take those crucial first steps in development! 

During the 1.5-hour lecture, speaker helped attendees understand why this language is so powerful and widely used nowadays. He gave use cases of amazing things you can build with Node.js.

Yuriy answered the question that beginners always ask: what is the difference between Node.js and JavaScript and how does it work on the server.


We also considered:

  • Asynchronous concepts of Node.js: how to work with it properly.
  • The most common technical stack – MERN.
  • Junior Node.js back-end developer checkbox

So, demand shows that you’ll see our top developers at the next events soon! 


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Webinar: Alexa – Amazon Voice Assistant. Boost Node.js Skills!

Workshop “Alexa – Amazon voice assistant: how to boost your skills with Node.js”
The Hillel school is inviting you to join the workshop on the 17th of April. The workshop is free, but please reserve a seat ahead of time.

Speaker: Mykola Yakovlev, Node.js team lead, Chatbots.Studio software engineer.

Workshop program:

  • Advantages of using Node.js for chatbot development
  • Chatbot skill principle
  • Skill development for Alexa
  • Skill testing for chatbot: mobile phone, music column and echoDot

If you want to practice, please take your laptop and set up Node.js with the latest version.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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