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Web Widget for Knowledge Base

Project description

We created a solution for federated search in the form of chatbots. These chatbots are able to connect with any possible resources and generate the answer.

Duration: 1 month

Development team

3 Node.js Developers, 2 Project Managers

What we built


The solution includes

The web widget that allows getting identified access to a knowledge base.
Integration with NLP engine that provides recognition of users’ request.


The services and Frameworks we used

Botkit is  the Node.js framework, that has implemented some easy and convenient methods for working with different bot platforms and programming flow of dialogs with complicated business logic and various API integrations support.

jQuery, Native.js is the library was used in the project for creating client side for the widget (chatbot);

Node.js + Express.js were used to build the backend API for the bot that works in сhat.

Development process

First off, we created simple web chatbot and after that connected to the bot service to create API parser to all existing intents – articles title to, and train service. Then we created a client-side for chatbot as a widget.

Bot architecture
Bot architecture
The result
The federated search becomes more easily with the chatbot. There are no needs to surf from link to link in search of appropriate information. Chatbot will provide the appropriate answers in a split second.

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