We’re hiring!

With us you will be yourself! We appreciate your individuality!

10th place in the rating of employers
“21 … 80 specialists”
How are we different from others?


Personal development map

Together we create a professional development plan and provide resources for your personal growth in the company

Interesting projects

Bots are a new topic in our market, so all projects are interesting and related to their development

Trend products

We are developing bots from scratch with the latest technology available on the market

We love “trolling”

A sense of humor helps to design projects and overcome difficulties both at work and in your personal life

Absence of bureaucracy

No papers are needed – we’d rather keep the forest!



Our company is a place for engineers who are able to search for different ways of solving problems and, based on their knowledge, to improve existing approaches to creating new products



If you are bored with boring projects and “galleys” on which you do not appreciate, then we wait for you in the team