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Marketing for Chatbot Development Companies [21 Places to Share Content]

Igor Luzhanskiy

Igor Luzhanskiy

February 19, 2019

Working with digital marketing strategy, and developing inbound strategy, I’ve asked our marketers to put together a list of the best places for publishing content. Obviously, writing and publishing posts or articles via a Medium based blog isn’t nearly enough. It’s just one place people might discover your content.

I have asked Marketers to research social media groups and other places where our chatbot related content could be published. We investigated and gathered the top places you could share your content, from the mainstream to the narrow niche.

We don’t claim that it is the only, comprehensive list of useful sources, but it’s one that really works.

How did marketers selected sources?

  • number of followers/visitors (from 1k)
  • target audience should be related to Business, Tech industries
  • active post publishing (from 2 per week)


Marketers selected groups in the following order.

SM groups:

  • LinkedIn — place for professional networking allows for finding the right source and audience.
  • Facebook — an unspecialized platform with a wide range of dissemination of information. Acts like a word of mouth.
  • Telegram — fast-growing source to publish content that can be read at breakfast.


Others — resources that have good indexing by Google. There are easy ways to show expertise and readiness to interact with the audience.

If you want to add more resources or you want to help us improve our investigations, feel free to drop a comment below.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups

  • Social Media Marketing is the place where you can share your successes or failures, anything that will help others be successful in social media, post news, ideas. Target audience: interactive advertising and marketing professionals. 1m 800k followers.
  • On Startups is the place where you can discuss issues with marketing, sales, financing, operations, hiring and publish content related to your startup or company. Target audience: marketers, recruiters, sales, startupers. 641k followers.
  • Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more is the place where you can publish high value content related to digital marketing, ask and answer questions. Target audience: professionals working with digital marketing, social media, search, mobile,marketing, content marketing, marketing cloud, data marketing,personalised marketing advertising, pr, events, jobs, social media,, interactive & digital media. 419k followers.
  • IT Specialist Network is the place for publishing and discussion of issues and topics related to information technology in general. Target audience: developers, marketing specialists, recruiters, and enthusiasts. 234k followers.
  • Information Technology Managers Group — dedicated to the communications and sharing of information between IT managers. Target audience: IT workers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, stratupers. 14k followers.
  • Chatbots ★ Virtual Assistants ★ Intelligent Agents ★ Conversational AI — here you have the opportunity to discuss issues or share content related to Chatbot Smart Advisors, Conversational systems Voice NLP, AI, Assistant Agent Machine Learning, B2B Sales, Marketing, Software VR. To learn and share experience about Watson, Siri, and Cortana Bots. Target audience: chatbot developers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and stratupers. 2.5k followers.
  • Chatbot Professionals — here you can promote what you are working on and present yourself as an industry leader. Target audience: chatbot industry leaders, marketers, developers, startupers, enthusiasts. 2.3k followers.
  • Chatbot Summit — there are gathered International event series connecting the professionals and organizations who involved in NLP. Target audience: chatbot developers, enthusiasts, speakers, engaged in organization, marketers. 1k followers.
  • Chatbot Enthusiasts is the place where you can discuss chatbots, share your knowledge and get feedback from experts in chatbot industry. Target audience: enthusiasts, developers, startupers, marketers, sales. 1k followers.


Facebook Groups

  • Bot is the place where you can share expertise about chatbots, AI, NLP, Messengers for chatbots. Target audience: Chatbot developers, marketers, sales, managers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs. 31k followers.
  • Social Media for Entrepreneurs is the place you can publish and study entrepreneurs how to grow, scale, and monetize their social media presence online. Share your success stories and biggest mistakes with the fastest feedback. Target audience: entrepreneurs, marketers, sales, advertisers, business development managers. 31k followers.
  • Superstar SEO — here you have the opportunity to answer questions, discuss techniques and share your successes. Target audience: entrepreneurs, marketers, interested in SEO, SMM, marketer-students, business development managers, advertisers, and journalists. 23k followers.
  • Digital Marketing Questions — here you have the opportunity to ask questions, network and share relevant industry content. Target audience: all digital marketing professionals (or people who want to learn — SEO, PPC, social, Analytics. 12k followers.
  • Chatbot Developers is the place for chatbot developers that working with different bot platform. Here you can discuss practices, solutions, issues you faced with for UI/UX. Target audience: chatbot developers for e.g. Messenger, Telegram, LINE, Kik, Slack or any other bot platform. 6k followers.
  • ChatBots Startups — here you can publish Articles about the Chatbots industry, news, links and/or startups, etc. Target audience: anyone interested in Chatbots projects/startups. 2.5k followers.
  • Smart Chatbots Strategies — here you can post ideas & strategies, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share valuable content. Target audience: entrepreneurs, startupers, marketers, advertisers, and business development managers. 2.5k followers.
  • Chatbot Startups — the group is meant to people who can share expertise and post value content. Target audience: developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. 1.6k followers.
  • Chatbot Directory — here you can ask and answer questions, share expertise and post own chatbots created on different platforms for different messengers. Target audience: chatbot developers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and enthusiasts. 1k followers.


We couldn’t find at least two groups in Telegram related to Chatbot implementation in business, development or Marketing in English. Please share below in comments if you happen to know a few of them. There is only one community where you can share expertise in startups in general.


Telegram channel:

  • Entrepreneurial journey is a community for entrepreneurs / startupers. Here you have the chance to find your co-founder, seek support, and share your startup journey. Target audience: entrepreneurs, marketers, recruiters, marketers, founders,and startupers. 1.5k followers.



  • Chatbots Magazine — is the place where you can learn and share content on how bots work, what customer can do with them, how to do it, and what the big issues are. Also, articles could be about artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, etc. 100k+ readers.
  • Chatsbots Life — is the place to share content related to Bot News, Info, AI & NLP, Tools, Tutorials & More.


Why did I exclude a few groups?

Looking through the list I asked the marketer to exclude a few groups that, at first glance, seem relevant to publishing content. I divided the excluded groups into a few sections:


If you want to read more valuable content from Chatbots.Studio, let me know in the comments below or click clap.

If you have the list of places to publish content that works pretty well, please share it with us and we’ll include it in the existing list.


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