SMS Chatbot for Engagement with Voters

The chatbot was built for important engagement between senators and their constituents. Also, the chatbot accepts petitions and passes them to live agents in the appropriate department. We improved the speed of processing petitions and requests as far as the system has a queue solution. A throng programming library allows processing items in parallel.

Financial Benefits

Lowering costs per one engagement with voters

Lowering costs for live agents department


Simplification of sending requests or making appointments

Increasing of audience number

Increasing conversion per one conversation


24/7 customer support

Connection with a live agent if the chatbot can’t cover the request

Collection of all petitions and requests in one database

Notification regarding the request and petition status

Embedded Google Maps for location recognition


Botkit is a Node.js framework, that has implemented some easy and convenient methods for working with different bot platforms and programming flow of the dialog with complicated business logic and various API integrations support.;

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that was used for SMS mailing;

Node.js + Express.js were used to build backend API for the bot that works in сhat.

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