Free Online Chatbot Course “AI Project Management”

Welcome to The Chatbot Development Process Course!

Bots are getting ever more popular nowadays. While the hype has dissipated, we see more implementation of real bots.

Follow the tips from the video, avoid pitfalls, understand the true value of your chatbot and manage AI chatbots building in an organized and predictable way.

Our big experience as the chatbot development agency pushed us to share knowledge with everyone related to AI projects or who wants to build chatbot.

To build a genuinely good quality AI chatbot, you should know all the risks and nuances of management development and implementation.

Our course includes the following:

– Distinct project activities per each project stage

– Criteria for each stage completion

– Key decisions per product stage

– New team roles

– Useful links and references


Please note, that it is not the course of ‘how to sell’ or ‘how to build chatbots’, that’s why we excluded these tips and rules from ‘How to Efficient Run Artificial Intelligence Project Development?’ course.

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