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5 Chatbot Uses For Outsourcing Company

Thank you for placing your trust in us and reading our blog! If you are in outsourcing, welcome and let's learn how to boost it with AI chatbot! To be successful with your target audience, the first rule is building a trustful relationship and valuable engagement. With that in mind, ...
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5 Chatbot Uses For Electronic Manufacturing

It is not a secret, to be successful with your target audience, the first rule is building a trust-filled relationship and valuable engagement. With that in mind, the client will be connecting with you in different ways to get your services. The engagement must be quick and supported 24/7 despite ...
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5 Chatbot Uses For Air Conditioning Companies

These 5 uses of chatbot is dedicated to everyone who is involved in air conditioning business homes, businesses, and projects. To be successful with your target audience, the first rule is building a trusting relationship and valuable engagement. So, the client will be connecting with you in different ways to ...
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Chatbots Are Changing Education: Trends And Predictions

A variety of fields are changing via chatbots development, including education and online tutoring. Chatbots are becoming incredibly useful learning tools. Over the last few years, there has been massive hype on innovative tools to improve online learning, or offline education, through AI technology.  Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with educational ...
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Top Artificial Intelligence Events To Attend In USA 2020 [Shortlist]

In the previous article “How to Find The Right Chatbot Agency?” we mentioned that one of the most popular and effective ways to find your chatbot artificial intelligence provider is global or local chatbot events. Below, we’ve compiled the most trendy and well-known regular conferences and events for 2020 in ...
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How To Use Chatbots For Logistics And Transportation: New Opportunities and Benefits

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of Logistics Interactions. With Chatbots and multi-channels integrations, businesses can meet their customer’s expectations by resorting to a new and improved way of interaction. Therefore, more businesses in Logistics are adopting Logistics Chatbots and leaving traditional transactions behind in the dustbin. This increases ...
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How To Make Money From A Chatbot

Get The Chatbot Working And Earn Money Now! Have you ever noticed that chatbots have become all the hype a few years ago and businesses implemented it mostly to follow the latest trend? And it doesn’t work for them… They followed the trend and got nothing. Since then have appeared ...
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How To Build A Scalable Chatbot Architecture From Scratch 

In this publication series, we’re going to cover our best practices used during developing IT projects. If you’ve ever had thoughts about developing chatbot and conversational platform for your business  —  you’re in the right place, because today we’re going to start from the very beginning of any project  — architecture.  ...
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16 New Places Where Chatbot Companies Could Share Content and Get Inspiration – 2

New Places Here! Over the last few years, it’s been shown direct advertising doesn’t work. Period. Full stop.. Especially if your target audience is millennials (they have advertising blindness). Content works best of the best. Sharing relevant and valuable content makes you into an authority for your industry. But writing ...
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How to Find a Job In a Chatbot Development Agency!

As a chatbot agency, we’re always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities in chatbot building. Below are the sources where projects for chatbot development can be found. We decided do not believe in many promo posts like “Top 50…” or “Best of the best...” and investigated the sources ...
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How to Find The Right Chatbot Agency?

There are a lot of companies offering chatbot development. You can find them in Asia, Australia, USA, Central or Eastern Europe. (Wait. Actually, we’re located there :)) The companies differ in a lot of ways, for example, their size starts from software boutiques up to international giants (with thousands of ...
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5 Items to Consider for Chatbot Total Cost of Ownership

Common sense dictates that besides paying for the development of the chatbot it’s worth considering the cost of running the bot itself. Let’s take a deeper look into the so-called total cost of chatbot ownership. It consists of 5 components that have to evaluate for every project: Cost of licenses ...
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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Chatbot In 2019?

I used to be asked about it several times a week by clients who want to understand the business of chatbot creation. The price really depends on the effort required to build the bot, as we don’t sell pre-made chatbot templates. Spoiler alert: it will take between $200 USD to ...
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Top 7 AI Chatbot Development and Management Online Courses of 2019

Since 2016 to now chatbots have been all the rage! More and more people dive into chatbot project running and development. Chatbots have proven valuable for business increases the market of chatbot developers. A lot of assistants appear to make the process of development easier and faster: tools, building platforms ...
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Chatbots in 2019: Enterprise Trends and Typical Scenarios!

One of the leading chatbot trends in 2019, is the implementation of virtual assistants for internal usage by enterprises. We envision this trend being ever more powerful during this year and the next. Let's have a look at some typical cases and scenarios where virtual assistants could be useful for ...
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6 Types for Chatbots: Know Which One Brings Value to Your Business

In 2019, chatbots have a variety of capabilities and more than just one type just might be suitable for you. It’s good practice to define what is the role of your bot, measure the value and compare it with existing services before the chatbot launches in the business. If the ...
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Chatbots in 2019: Predictions and Major Trends for Business

AI chatbots were everywhere if one were going by all the hype in 2016. Everyone who is involved in technology wants to be in on the know for what to expect next year and how chatbots will change the world. Ever curious, I peeked into my crystal ball and checked ...
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whasapp api

WhatsApp Business API: Common Questions for Chatbot Implementation

WhatsApp is on everybody’s A-list. It’s nothing new that WhatsApp is on the hype and most companies want to implement the bot into for business. Statistic says, that today messenger has 1.6 Billion monthly active users across 170+ Countries and 80% of messages sent to WhatsApp are seen within 5 minutes compared to ...
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Top Chatbot Benefits: How Bots Make Advertising Campaigns Cheaper

Previously Chatbots.Studio was considering how a bot helps business grow — optimizing information management and automating the work process. So hold onto your hats, because this article is about how a bot can help decrease the costs of advertising campaigns and how it benefits businesses. One of the lowest-cost ways of communication with the ...
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Top Chatbot Benefits: How Chatbots Automate the Working Process

Chatbots are in high demand because of all the new opportunities for business and customer service. Previously Chatbots.Studio considered the first benefit for businesses, which provides cost reducing — information management optimization. Let’s talk about chatbot efficiency on the automation of working processes. It is a great chance for entrepreneurs to save ...
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Chatbots for Business: Top Benefits and Success Measurement

Chatbots.Studio is pleased to announce our latest overview digest on how entrepreneurs can benefit from using chatbots for business. How business wins big from bots — is a major buzzing topic in media. We will describe each benefit structured with financial indicators. The chain of articles with benefits will be published ...
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Bring Clients from Offline to Chatbot: Tools and Channels

Our clients implement bots for business to reduce the costs and increase profits. To get results from the bot, there should be a certain number of active users. The worst thing can happen with entrepreneurs is losing money without results to show for the money spent, which is applicable for ...
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The Guide How to Choose Chatbot Development Service Provider

It could look like the selection of a chatbot development service provider for your project, may be similar to the selection of software outsourcing provider, but in reality, it has several peculiarities, which are worth watching. Focus on chatbot development services Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are considered to be a ...
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Why End Users are Frustrated with AI Chatbots and What to Do?

Have you ever met really stupid chatbots, that don’t understand what you want and thus pretend to have Intelligence? I do, and many people I am talking about chatbots have had the same experience. One of my potential clients mentioned, ‘all the bots have been invented to shortcut support costs’ ...
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Top Chatbot Benefits: Chatbot as a New Sales Channel for Small Business

Previously Chatbots.Studio has considered the benefits of allowing cost reductions for businesses — optimization of information management, automation of the working process and how bots make advertising campaign cheaper. The next series of articles regards increasing profits from new sales channels and cross-selling. It is obvious bots as sellers are a novel function for entrepreneurs ...
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Top Chatbot Benefits: How Chatbots Optimize Information Management

It is the first article from the line of benefits of using chatbot for business. Let’s consider how information management optimization impact on the bottom line. Information management optimizations implies data converted into a convenient form with easy access for the customer. When Chatbots.Studio team discussed this benefit, we thought about why a ...
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Does HubSpot understand the true value of Conversational UI?

HubSpot recently published a course for Conversational UI that is a good place to understand how the top marketing players are thinking about the place and future of chatbots in the space of client engagement. To be honest, I got upset. It is not about Hubspot’s solution, its capabilities or features. It ...
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Chatbot integration with BPM: Operations Management for Business Processes

Operations Management in Which People Use Various Methods to Discover, Model, Analyze, Measure, Improve, Optimize, and Automate Business Processes. Business process management is the new solution to discover, model, analyze, measure and improve business flow. Everyone knows that a system provides automation of profits management, helps plan company budgets and ...
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Research on How Chatbots Development Companies Get Inbound Traffic Through Communication Channels

Chatbots.Studio is a highly specialized agency with an exclusive and dedicated focus on chatbot development. Once, I asked myself — how others work in this niche and in what ways do they attract clients? Below you can find info about inbound and outbound channels of interaction. The analysis also includes the ...
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Find Platforms that Help You Get The Job in Chatbot Development Agency

At Chatbot development agency, we are constantly looking for resources, where chatbot development jobs are located. Taking into account our experience, we can with a great deal of confidence state that specialized platforms simply can’t provide constant job flow for agencies similar to us. It is far better to analyze ...
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10 Uses of Chatbots in Retail Market: Industries, Cases, Benefits

Now in the business world, the measure of success is bringing in a client and making them satisfied. Communicating with the customer directly is the basis of sales and increasing customer satisfaction in a very competitive retail market. In this article, I prepared key scenarios to help cover this business ...
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Where Chatbot Development Companies Could Share Content?

Working with digital marketing strategy, and developing inbound strategy, I’ve asked our marketers to put together a list of the best places for publishing content. Obviously, writing and publishing posts or articles via a Medium based blog isn’t nearly enough. It’s just one place people might discover your content. I ...
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Top Chatbot Benefits: How Chatbots Improve Cross-Selling

This is the final article in the series on the benefits of using chatbot for business. Previously, Chatbots.Studio considered cost reduction and profits increase benefits. Let’s discuss cross-selling as a means to boost sales with a bot in messengers. Bot- seller, one of the most preferable for entrepreneurs because of the value ...
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