We are the team with exclusive and dedicated focus on AI chat and voice bots development, business automation and Machine Learning. Our bots are handling above 5000 conversations per hour in Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and Skype for banks, insurance, telecom, retail and service companies.

Chatbots.Studio Machine Learning algorithms make product recommendations, qualify leads, walk prospects to become SDR, predict customers to churn. We provide expertise in NLP, NLU and NLG.

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Core Team

Igor Luzhanskiy

Igor Luzhanskiy


13 years of deep expertise in both technical and business domains.

Master of Computer Science.

Obtaining the Master Degree in Data Science now.


Andrei Sabanskiy


17 years in Software engineering & management.

Email & Messaging Marketing Automation SaaS founder.

Master of Computer Science
Master of Science in Management


Max Popov


13 years in FinTech. Created from the scratch CRM for bank with 15 mln customers.

Business automation and bots for banking expertise.

Master of Computer Science.

Clients say

Dalibor Pap

Dalibor Pap

CEO @DP-Media

This is extreme pleasure for me to work with Chatbots.Studio guys. I’m surprised how quick they understand and deliver a high-quality bots for my clients — the world e-commerce leaders. My clients confirm a solid increase in sales in messengers channel. The customers satisfaction went up to a totally new level. I recommend Chatbots.Studio to all my clients. Thank you for excellent job guys.

Evgeniy Ustinov CEO @AUTOPAPA

Evgeniy Ustinov


Physical Security Access Control project with Chatbots.Studio was started from making Access Rules Management and Reporting Chatbot. Day after the launch I was convinced by the results — exceeded our expectations — we shorted 4 times time to wait for traders entering and leaving the market, no more reporting hassle, the reliability and UX were on hight level. Well done!