Telegram Chatbot as Personal Assistant in E-commerce

The main purpose of the project was to simplify and automate the process of making purchases in the women’s lingerie store.

Having swiped up the Instagram story, the user should be redirected to the chat with the bot, where they can then make the order.

Furthermore, the ordering logic was asked to be made in the most convenient possible way for handier and less complex while being as little time-consuming as possible.

Financial Benefits:

  • More sales conversations without any extra costs
  • Lowering live support costs by X percent.
  • Increased conversion rate per conversation.
  • Increased more traffic to the client’s Instagram page


  • Implementation of sales on Instagram without live agent help and time-consuming processes. 
  • Quick order: having swiped up the Instagram story, the user should be redirected to the chat with the bot, where they can easily make the order and payment.
  • Help the client be on the first in his niche with the latest trend tool like a chatbot. 
  • Reducing live agents’ workflow and сonsequently the expenses.
  • Increasing the number of served customers per month and profits as a result.
  • Multiplying the number of users served simultaneously and allowing it to even reach infinity.
  • Depriving users of duplicating the information needed for creating a consignment note and carrying a purchase out.


  • Product information. The bot shows all details about the product chosen by the customer as well as it helps to choose the appropriate size and color.
  • 24/7 customer service. Even if the customer is in another timezone, they will be served immediately, so that the delivery will be as fast as possible 
  • Nearest post office. Integration of Google Maps and delivery service APIs provide the customer with the ability to choose the most suitable place for the goods’ delivery. 
  • Build-in payment. The customer is not redirected anywhere to pay for their purchase – handy built-in service allows to pay with credit, debit or store card in a few seconds. 
  • Apple Pay. For the users of iOS the payment process is much quicker – apple pay allows to carry it out instantly. 
  • Saving user account. Bot is smart, so it remembers the city, phone number and some other important information about the user during the first purchase, so the next ones require just a few questions to create an order.
  • Live support. Being intelligent and independent, the bot nevertheless hardly ever needs to be replaced by live support. Whenever a customer asks this – the real person can start messaging to assist or answer non-typical questions.


  • Node-RED is a major and very powerful indeed tool: its light-weight runtime is built on Node.js, taking full advantage of its event-driven, non-blocking model.
  • Telegram Bot API we used to implement the main functionality – from default interaction with clients to convenient built-in-chat payment opportunities (LiqPay).
  • MongoDB was used for saving info about clients and orders.
  • Moreover, there is an integration with the Corezoid app where shop API lives
  • Nova Poshta API to automate the process of selecting a post office and creating a consignment note.
  • Planfix we connected to solve any misunderstandings in chat when the customer needs to talk to a human
  • Chatbase was integrated as well so that we are able to track and analyze user interactions with the bot.

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