Telegram and Viber Chatbot for !Fest,
a Ukrainian Chain of Restaurants

On this project, our goal was to create a Telegram and Viber chatbot for the Ukrainian chain of restaurants and establishments !Fest. The key users of these chatbots are the guides who conduct tours in !Fest’s partner cities. Chatbots provide information on the terms of cooperation between !Fest and guides, establishments, restaurants, and special offers.

Here are the links to the chatbots: Viber | Telegram



  • Attracting new guides to the affiliate program;
  • Reducing the staff costs for guide support;
  • Getting a new channel of communication for promotion.



  • Providing information on the terms of cooperation between !Fest and the guides;
  • Gathering the information about all !Fest’s establishments in one convenient place;
  • Simplifying onboarding and communication among !Fest and the guides;
  • Encourage new guides to join the affiliate program.



  • Instructions on how to open a bonus card for guides;
  • Map and the list of establishments of the chain;
  • Special offers for guides;
  • !Fest contact information.

Our company also developed an admin panel that allows for additional interaction with chatbot users – it opens up the possibility of mass messaging. Thanks to the admin panel, !Fest representatives will be able to promptly inform chatbot users about the most relevant offers, conduct polls among them, etc.



  • Node-RED;
  • Bot Commerce Platform.

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