Helper for Live Agent and Customer Engagement

Beeopen is a company that provides software solutions and services to connect small businesses with their customers without extra staff or technology investment. 

This solution was created by smart technology team Chatbots.Studio that immediately delivers value. 

Financial Benefits

Lowering the cost for extra staff and departments

Increasing conversations by hosting all client requests at the same time without delays

Increasing clients’ loyalty 

Saving time for priority tasks 


The solution combines live support and account management 

Automation of customer support department

Decreasing bounce rate when the customer leaves the call or chat

Increasing sales funnel

Decreasing costs for call centers and technologies equipment

24/7 customer support


Creating a business account with the info for Beeopen live agents

Communication with clients holds by many conversational platforms (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twilio SMS etc.). According to business requirements, it can be implemented as livechat widget

Clients stats: conversational details, preferred platform, chat history, engagement etc.)

Custom settings of notifications

Creating and assigning tasks to live agents and staff



Node.js helps to deploy the web-server.

React, React Native are JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces.

Redux is the open-source JavaScript library for state management with flexible architectures.

React Native is the framework that was used to build a cross-platform solution for the mobile version.

Incontact is the messaging platform that provides online chatting live agents with clients.

PubSub – realtime communication between User App and Rake core system to obtain information about new conversations/messages

PubNub – realtime communication between front-end and back-end for the actualization of information about chats/messages without page reloading

Twilio SMS -cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications on an API built for global scale

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