Platform for Live Agent Connection

 In just a handful of months, Chatbots.Studio was able to develop a complex system for hosting many chatbots related to company services and live agent management. 

The American client is a company that helps to strengthen relationships with your customers by providing a system that optimizes relevant engagements and improved services.

Also, the system provides bot hosting and live agent connections. The system is really efficient, such as current clients conversation is able to be saved. It helps the bot to move towards the right step when it gets the client’s message.

Financial Benefits

Lowering of the internal team cost 

Decreasing of refusal bounce rate during the service order

Increasing the numbers of service orderings via messengers or web chatbot

More sales conversations without any extra costs

Increased conversion rate per conversation.


Simplification of service ordering via chatbot or live agent

Quick connection to live agent during the conversation without inconvenience for the client

Management of internal working process: chatbot  assigns “to do” tasks to the appropriate department

Quick service by automation understanding all clients requirements related to company service


Provides mixed communication with the client via a live agent and chatbot

Recognizes human speech and automatically connects in case of unrelated question or if it is a user’s request

Hosting the company chatbot and assigns further tasks to appropriate departments

The communication can be held via different channels: Messengers (Facebook Messenger, etc.), SMS (Twilio), web widget on the website 

Saving all dialogs to restart communication with appropriate content 


Botkit is an open source platform, used to create bots for different Messengers like Facebook Messenger and Twilio.

Loopback is the framework that was selected to automate API generation for the work with a database. It includes standard CRUD methods generation and provides delimitations of database access.

Angular.js is an open source framework that allows creating the web-interface for administration dashboard for chatbot management.

MongoDB was used for saving clients and bot data.

Google Engine is the platform for project deployment. It provides automation scaling depending on server load.

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