Chatbot for Insurance Services Company

When we had gotten requirements from a well-known British insurance company, we realized that it would be a challenge we must complete successfully!

The client is the first company to offer a Claims-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, that helps to be involved in the claims process for everyone. So, the request was to automate administrative tasks and customer journeys.

Financial Benefits

Engagement from your brand

Personalized service

Self-service options available 24/7

Reducing costs for hiring extra staff

Automation of monotonous tasks

Brand your bot’s appearance and messaging

Quick engagement with a client without live agent services


Increasing client loyalty via the automated and easy-to-use system for claims submissions

Time-saving in case of emergency. The chatbot immediately accepts the insurance case without live agent assistance.

Reduction of company expenses. The chatbot will be the primary agent who takes to solve administrative tasks instead of live agents department.


Connection with users via appropriate messenger or webwidget.

Vehicle registration number recognition from uploaded photo

Fetching vehicle data by its number plate

Connection with live agent (like Intercom) inside the chat flow

Location recognizing to find the place of accident

After the filling form chatbot offers to sign it to avoid additional insurance company visit

Payment for the request entering card code


BotKit is the open source platform was used to build bots and handle conversations.

OpenKB is a search based Knowledgebase (FAQ) backed by Lunr.js indexing to check created before the list of questions in Watson IBM.

Watson IBM is a computer system of artificial intelligence that is capable of recognizing questions given in natural language.

Corezoid is the cloud OS that was used to manage chatbots flow and to track users activity and send a notification regarding incomplete claims.

Twilio is the cloud communication platform that was used for SMS notification regarding incomplete claims.

AWS Recognition  was used as a deep learning-based service for car’s number picture recognition.

Intercom is the messaging platform that provides online chatting insurance agents with clients.

Onfido is an online platform that was used to verify people’s identities using a photo-based identity document.

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