Facebook Messenger AI Chatbot for Real Estate Industry

The main value of the solution is to simplify and make easy property search without additional email, letters, or long calls agents. Just a few clicks and the user gets the latest and hottest offers. Moreover, the chatbot allows to enter their own criteria and helps to choose a property that suits you. This could be for example, by budget or amount of bedrooms. For any help, the chatbot quickly connects a user to a live agent and he/she will hold a conversation. When the user is ready to buy or sell a property, our chatbot will offer to make an appointment to move forward.

It is your personal pocket real estate agent that finds the best choice for you, 24/7!

Financial Benefits

Reducing internal staff cost. Chatbot takes the part of agents’ routine work

Reducing of refuses during the search of appropriate property

Increasing of refusals

Increasing traffic to the agency website


Simplification of property search

Reducing of live conversations with a live agent. It leads to reducing agents’ daily workload

Quick start. Receiving the first online order in 15 minutes after the connection

Creating a comprehensive guide for choosing the right property 

24/7 service


Embedded property search with criteria price and number of rooms

Ability to make an appointment with realtors 


Node.js – 

Smooch.io – 

Amazon Web Services (EC2 and DynamoDB) – 

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