Five Chatbot Use Cases for Apparel Industry

We’ve had quite a few apparel industry leads recently, so by what seems to be a popular demand, we’ve shortlisted top 5 chatbot use cases for this industry. Enjoy 😉

Customer Support 

The overwhelming majority of websites don’t provide a live chat or an FAQ section. That’s unfortunate since a chatbot would be a perfect solution to answer questions customers often ask. Also, from the user’s perspective, it’s much easier to write an inquiry in a chatbot rather than looking for an email to send a question to.

Personalized offers

Our chatbots are connectable to the CRM you use, so that whatever information you collect could be turned into a personalized message. That way, you’ll be able to target a specific need a potential customer has through a special offer or just a reminder to pick up where he/she left off. In any case, a great way to drive sales.

In-messenger communication

There isn’t a better place to tell your customers about a sale or a special deal on apparel,  than in a messenger they use for day-to-day communication. While a good email campaign should benchmark 15-20% as a solid open rate, chatbots allow for up to 80-90% open rate, resulting in much higher sales. 

Also, a messenger is a great tool for updating the shipping/payment status for the goods you sell, since it’s shown to a user in his/her natural habitat so to speak. This is a lot more convenient than looking for an email in an already overcrowded inbox.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to boost customer retention. Especially if enhanced by the power of engagement chatbots provide. 

Since most modern apparel shops operate in a digital environment, manufacturing physical bonus cards is far from optimal. That’s where a chatbot could come in handy. A customer could easily keep track of the points they collect through a chatbot

Complaint management

With the help of a chatbot, you could automate complaints such as poor shipping quality, wrong item, delayed shipping date, etc. That way, whenever a customer would leave a complaint you could automatically suggest solutions or push it for review without a need for any manual work, resulting in hours and hours of saved time.

Closing notes

We hope you enjoyed reading our article as much as we enjoyed writing it. What would bring us even more joy is boosting your apparel shop with the power of a chatbot. Sounds like a great idea? Drop us a line.