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5 Chatbot Uses And Scenario For Electronic Manufacturing

Valuable engagement with clients – it’s the main rule of any successful business. Electronic manufacturing is on the stage of change and digitalization: the chatbot takes the most routine and often repetitive work. See the uses of how this business is growing with a new digital tool.

It is not a secret, to be successful with your target audience, the first rule is building a trust-filled relationship and valuable engagement. With that in mind, the client will be connecting with you in different ways to get your services. The engagement must be quick and supported 24/7 despite working hours.

The chatbot could be implemented for different aims: starting from internal staff communication right up to direct sales.

So, we dived deep into this kind of business and found out the 5 uses of a chatbot that would work best for you.

Product overview and free samples request

Before purchasing, a customer wants to know the features of your products. The chatbot can show a short product overview or redirect to the webpage. Be sure that this type of service will satisfy the client and make him feel important for the vendor.


The most valuable chatbot benefit. Clients can order your electronic tools and delivery through messenger or web widget. What is the benefit?
The first one – direct sales. There is the last trend that works: selling products in an environment where your target audience lives: Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, etc. You can insert into the messenger (create a Facebook account, please) where your bot is and a payment method and then get more revenue. Just let your customers know about the new way of communication and shopping. The next is a reload of workflow for your sales department. Lead generation (as one more benefit) and sales are assigned to chatbot from now. He makes a primary survey, recognizes customer needs, makes an order and sells. These tasks were assigned to your sales department. Let them concentrate on the non-routine work.

We researched how a chatbot works for sales in detail. Check out out articles here:
Chatbot as a New Sales Channel for Small Business
How Chatbots Improve Cross-Selling

Complaints and feedback

If any issue arises, make sure that clients report and get feedback from a chatbot. Get customers reviews and feedback on your services and improve their experience. As a result of trusting relationships, clients always return and use your product again.

Automation of internal processes

A chatbot is not only a virtual assistant that chats with your clients. We provide the needed systems for internal processes to automate them and increase their quality. Pass the routine digital work to the system and benefit with time and money.

Internal staff communication

Since your company size is more than 1000 employees, there is a demand for setting up of good communication. internal communication is a pledge of teamwork. The chatbot in company messenger (like slack) coordinates workflow, assigns tasks, accepts the results, notifies regarding birthdays, upcoming events, unfinished tasks. So, a chatbot could, in a way, be a global company project manager.

If you ever thought about the chatbot, consider what is your main goal of all this.

To provide detailed information and chatbot uses with countable indicators, feel free to ask us and we will figure something out.

Please take a look again on these benefits and just imagine all the stuff you would need to cover all the aforementioned actions. All of them could be covered by a chatbot. Saving time and money right away! 🙂


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5 Chatbot Uses For Air Conditioning Companies

These 5 uses of chatbot is dedicated to everyone who is involved in air conditioning business homes, businesses, and projects.

To be successful with your target audience, the first rule is building a trusting relationship and valuable engagement. So, the client will be connecting with you in different ways to get your services. The engagement must be quick and supported 24/7 regardless of working hours.

The chatbot could be implemented for different aims: starting from internal staff communication up to content marketing.

With that in mind, I deep-dived into this type of business and found out 5 uses of a chatbot that would work best for you.

Service request

As you are an air conditioning equipment company, you get many requests regarding technical issues or conditioning implementation. These requests could be held by chatbot: accepting, selecting and passing to appropriate specialist or department. Then after a request for service, a chatbot provides service status to assure the client that his or her needs will be covered.

Complaints and feedback

The customers knows that in the event of any problem, they can report and get feedback from a chatbot. Get customer reviews and feedback on your air conditioning services and improve their experience. As a result of trust-filled relationships, clients will get back always and use your services again.

24/7 customer support

Despite different Australian time zones, your customer will get feedback at any time (even if your account manager is sleeping:). After chatbot implementation, call centers’ workflow is reduced by up to 50 percent. The reason is that customers’ desire to write about a problem rather than call a support representative. This is the most popular scenario of using a chatbot in business. You’ll get both happy call center staff and satisfied clients. Nice!


The most valuable chatbot benefit. Clients can order your air conditioning services and delivery through messenger or web widget. There is the last trend that works: selling services in an environment where your target audience lives: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, etc. You can insert into the messenger where your bot is and a payment method and then get more revenue. Just let your customers know about the new way of communication and shopping. To get more information, read Top Chatbot Benefits: Chatbot as a New Sales Channel for Small Business .

Besides sales, your clients could book an appointment to implement air conditioning system in messenger. Chatbot offers the service, time for implementation and staff (if it is possible). Of course, you can always add more chatbot features in messenger.

Internal communication

For your quick growth, a company that has more than 550 employees, internal communication is a priority of teamwork. Chatbot in company messengers (like slack) coordinate workflow, assigns tasks, accepts the results, notifies regarding birthdays, upcoming events, unfinished tasks. So, a chatbot could be a global company project manager.

Please, take a look again on these benefits. Just imagine how much stuff you need to cover all the actions mentioned above, Not to mention all the money wasted. All of these tasks could be handled by a chatbot. Saving time and money there! 🙂

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Chatbots Are Changing Education [Trends And Predictions]

A variety of fields are changing via chatbots development, including education and online tutoring. Chatbots are becoming incredibly useful learning tools. Over the last few years, there has been massive hype on innovative tools to improve online learning, or offline education, through AI technology. 

Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with educational institutes, make education personalized, easy and improves interaction. We’ve come across 7 ways how chatbots are changing education. 

We’ve come across 5 ways how chatbots are changing and influencing education and online learning. 


Essay and Test Scoring

Teachers are used testing to quickly check students’ results. A chatbot already can do this automatically and immediately convert the results into points. But it is known that the essay represents students’ level of knowledge better. It shows their fame of mind, methodology, and depth of knowledge. Soon will be implemented chatbots that can test and check essay quality (!). 


Some of the students are getting their points dishonestly. Especially when they have distance online learning. To avoid this, there are AIs created with online-proctoring space. Proctoring is a method that averts fraud during the exams. 

Student Feedback And Professor Assessment

It is very important to have the opportunity to leave feedback regarding the educational process. To improve teachers’ approach, control and coordinate with students. Don’t use the paper feedback form, express thoughts freely in messenger or a web widget.  AI provides anonymous and open feedback to teachers, managers, students, parents as well. 

Personalized Learning

AI helps to adapt the educational process according to student possibilities and the individual’s pace. Also, students can send the request to get additional help, tools, and requirements to proceed with learning. 

Spaced Interval Learning

This methodology learning means repeating the age-old lessons to avoid forgetting them. The same apps with AI are popular in learning languages. One of the most well-known offers to repeat lessons that were hard to learn. 

Have you ever met this AI in your online or offline learning? Does your school use these approaches to improve the educational process? 


If you want the chatbot for your business, feel free to contact us in the website contact form or write and we will schedule a demo in a few business days. 

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How To Use Chatbots For Logistics And Transportation [Opportunities and Benefits in 2019]

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of Logistics Interactions. With Chatbots and multi-channels integrations, businesses can meet their customer’s expectations by resorting to a new and improved way of interaction. Therefore, more businesses in Logistics are adopting Logistics Chatbots and leaving traditional transactions behind in the dustbin. This increases efficiency across the entire logistics value chain.

Let’s see how chatbots help to improve business and customer engagement in these industries – logistics and transportation. 



In logistics, the confidence of order visibility and its status is important in customer service. Bots avoid the long offline queue and provide real-time tracking of the order. Instead of offline walking to places, the customer can simply use the messenger and ask the chatbot, “Can you share the shipment status now?”


Mostly each logistic and transportation application have the FAQ with providing automated answers on the common questions. It’s a good opportunity to reload the workflow of call centers and let them concentrate on non-routine and more important tasks. 


Besides FAQs, the end-client gets the opportunity to prepare the things he wants to transport or get according to the internal rules of the logistics company. This avoids situations where the clients get uncomfortable conditions for transportation in delivery offices.


When the chatbot gets a request to make the transportation, or the user has already registered a shipment, it assigns further actions to the appropriate staff. Also, the chatbot informs the end-client about this request status. Moreover, the chatbot is able to complete the simple and routine tasks by itself.


The chatbot helps to book the place for shipment, time and tracking map online. Users provide all information regarding items he wants to transport, make payments online and the courier just takes the pack without filling any papers.


Create the possibility to leave feedback, or send a request to improve the product or service. We recommend making a chatbot for accepting the issue and showing its status. When the client feels that sweet calling, he’ll come back to you.


The end-customer can change the delivery via messenger, just by putting in the tracking number. Chatbot helps to review the conditions and provide status. 

As a personal assistant and corporate helper, the chatbot provides a quick service and is always ready to supply the necessary information and conduct simple tasks. Contact us and let the virtual assistant complete a portion of routine work and make your internal staff and clients happy.

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How Bots Make Advertising Campaigns Cheaper [Top 5 Chatbot Benefits]

Previously Chatbots.Studio was considering how a bot helps business grow — optimizing information management and automating the work process.

So hold onto your hats, because this article is about how a bot can help decrease the costs of advertising campaigns and how it benefits businesses.

One of the lowest-cost ways of communication with the customer is a bot. Also, marketers increase productivity and save time. The main benefit of using a chatbot has to be the low-cost communication with a customer. Compared with other ways of communications, we can make a serious case that the bot is faster than emailing and smoke signals and cheaper than SMS, which costs about one cent per message in sunny Ukraine. Also, bots provide two-way engagement, mostly without a live agent.

To measure if chatbot implementation provides a cost reduction for an advertising campaign, identify a single metric — the cost of client acquisition.


Scenarios for automation advertising campaigns with bot:

  • Bot defines and segments target auditory using ‘ask & answer’ method. The bot asks the customer about preferences and offers the appropriate goods or services;
  • Sends advertising campaigns to customers via a messenger. The Marketer creates articles and the bot takes to sending routine messages on a massive scale to prospects.


Let’s consider an example of the first scenario to better understand how it works in real business cases.

The Sephora bot was developed for the beauty industry to help customers find the appropriate goods and let them know about cosmetic novelties. The chatbot handles natural language, asking customers about preferences regarding beauty goods. To decrease the cost of promotion, the bot acts in the following way:

  • Makes quiz — asks questions to gather information and makes suggestions (e.g. age, makeup brand preferences);
  • Scans an image, object or face of a celebrity, for example, and presents a list of matchings lipsticks;
  • Provides ‘how-to’ content. The chatbot showcases life hacks for makeup using their own supplies.


The results of chatbot implementation is an 11% higher conversion rate versus any other channel for booking in-store makeover appointments.

Does your chatbot reduce the costs of advertising campaigns and company service promotion as well as the Sephora bot does?


Another example of this sort of scenario is the M chatbot that advertises and promotes anything customers need. There is no necessity here to buy expensive tools for email marketing. Just hand the advertising content to the bot.

chatbot M
According to the previous intent, the chatbot M offers goods within the confines advertising


To promote goods and services quickly and affordably the bot acts in the following way:

  • Sends messages with ad content automatically and free or cheap;
  • Reaches the target audience directly via a messenger that increases conversion;
  • Offers the goods or services without aggressive advertisement. The customer will get an ad right after he realizes he needs the goods.

The aforementioned chatbot sends messages automatically and free. The B2B customer pays only for bot development.


With all that said, chatbots are a complete necessity for the smart business to explore new leads without massive cash outpouring. In the meantime, make them customer make sending offers and keep them loyal to the services you provide.

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Chatbot as a New Sales Channel for Small Business [Top 5 Chatbot Benefits]

Previously Chatbots.Studio has considered the benefits of allowing cost reductions for businesses — optimization of information managementautomation of the working process and how bots make advertising campaign cheaper.

The next series of articles regards increasing profits from new sales channels and cross-selling. It is obvious bots as sellers are a novel function for entrepreneurs. If the bot sells goods or services successfully you get major value from the bot. Let’s discuss how a chatbot as a new sales channel can impact revenue.

Chatbot in Messenger is a new sales channel to handle communication with existing customers and increase loyalty to services or goods.

To measure the efficiency of bot for business as a sales channel, we have identified the following metrics:

  • The cost of attracting one client to a bot in Messenger;
  • The average checks total;
  • The number of users on the sales channel;
  • The number of sales-through the bot handles to the total sales amount.


A customer usually connects with a bot on the web and on Messenger. We consider how a bot sells goods or services and leads the customer through the sales funnel step by step via messengers like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Kik etc.

WARNING! A common mistake of chatbot implementation is deploying the chatbot as a poly service solution. It’s a bad idea to make a chatbot with the functionality as Amazon has. Chatbots work great with one or a few services the entrepreneur provides, for example, water delivery.

The main reason chatbots have become popular as a sales channel is bots sell services or goods directly at the place where prospects are gathered.


The following reasons make a bot an efficient sales channel:

  • The bot in Messenger is a flexible way to make a purchase without communication with a live agent and app downloading;
  • The bot in Messenger is easy to access and available 24/7. The customer opens an appropriate messenger and starts to chat with the bot anytime. It is more convenient than calling support or making purchases offline;
  • The bot covers a wide range of customers in Messenger. For example, Facebook Messenger has more than 1 billion users.


There are two main scenarios for how businesses can benefit with bots in sales:

  • Building a community in Messenger. Marketers via chatbot can fill channels with contents leading to sales. In another case, the bot sells services or goods directly in the channel;
  • Providing quick and easy to use services. There is no need to download an app or search the browser to find the goods you need. The bot is always within your reach and ready to help. It is possible to buy or sell in one click.


Let’s consider examples for each scenario to understand how it works in real business cases.

Travel bots, besides providing relevant content by sending articles via messenger every day, make the best tour offers to followers. Click navigation makes a chat with a bot easy. The customer taps the details button and books the tour or gets more information.

Take a look at the Hipmunk travel bot. This bot plays a few roles in Messenger: books flights or hotels and provides appropriate content (advice, for example, about the best time to fly, flexible destinations, etc.).

The service provider gets a wide, young audience in Messenger and doesn’t need to deploy huge advertising campaigns because prospects are gathered in the channel and are interested in the services or goods.


As can be seen, by providing relevant content, the chatbot increases members loyalty, and as a result, increases sales through a new sales channel.

Another case is auction bot from @skaybu in Telegram. Clients send requests to buy smartphones but can’t get one because it is already sold. A bot has been created to satisfy the customers need to buy smartphones by bidding. The prices and queues have opened for followers since the bot has started work. After bidding, the staff calls the winners and invites them to get the goods. The bot provides easy use and access service for the customers.


Three years ago at a conference, Pavel Durov payed a lot of attention to implementing the Payment API. This payment system allows automating payments from customers using a chatbot. Clients can send money directly to an entrepreneur to pay for additional services.It seems a buzzy topic about chatbot-sellers for entrepreneurs. Let’s consider more examples to understand how it works.

BotCommerce integrates Shopify and Magento. Besides selling, the bot acts like customer support; it answers questions and provides information about orders.

The WayForPay_Bot is a functional solution for online-sellers and buyers. The bot as a payment service allows control of selling and purchases. Besides 24/7 availability, payment status, reports, and notifications, its main function is payment via Messenger.

Wayforpay_bot sends notifications via Messenger


The bot creates a payment QR code the customer can scan and pay for service. The bot creates and sends an invoice via Messenger or another available way. Soon, customers have the opportunity to add funds to their mobile phones or transfer money.


As a new sales channel, a chatbot not only provides payment but also successfully gathers leads from the target audience.

In Messenger channels or on web popups, a chatbot gathers leads and converts them into existing clients. How do chatbots play this role?

  • Chatbots send offers to get a loyalty card, discount, coupon etc. To attract customers, chatbots offer a value;
  • Popups with the chatbot gather personal information, for example, to make an appointment. The lead enters name, number phone, email address, etc. and is signed up to the master or doctor. In the meantime, the entrepreneur has enough information for the further engagement with the lead;
  • Community and channels with chatbot are a great way to offer the value to the target audience. The entrepreneur makes sure the bot works in an appropriate place.


Let’s consider how it works in real business cases.

  1. The chatbot gathers requests and personal data communicating with customer for further engagement.


2.The chatbot offers the value, a promo code, to save the customer interest and move him/her to the action to buy a service.

3. DocDocBot makes an appointment for the doctor. In the meantime, the doctor gets the lead and personal data.


Obviously this really works well for B2C cases. Of course, a chatbot isn’t the only sales channel but it is a real solution as a part of the sales process in businesses. Follow me and stay in top of chatbot novelties.


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How Chatbots Optimise Information Management [Top 5 Chatbot Benefits]

It is the first article from the line of benefits of using chatbot for business. Let’s consider how information management optimization impact on the bottom line.

Information management optimizations imply data converted into a convenient form with easy access for the customer.

easy access for the customer


When Chatbots.Studio team discussed this benefit, we thought about why a chatbot is better than any software at providing information management optimization. The chatbot reduces the time of searching for useful information due to quick access and fast answers for the customer. It is better to enter a preferable messenger and ask the bot in the natural language then download an application, allow access to personal data and then look for info in different sections.

Let’s consider information management optimization as one of the ways to reduce work costs.

There are metrics to measure how it works best for your business:

  • Transaction cost per one client;
  • % transactions executed with chatbot;
  • Total cost of service.


Nova Poshta chatbot — is Ukrainian delivery service. It is one of the best examples to understand how optimization of information management can work in business cases. Nova Poshta provides access to the necessary information via mobile app, web or call center. But almost a quarter of customers prefer to chat with bots. Taking into account the total clients’ notification, 24% of them come in from messengers.

Take a look at the example of tracking the order with chatbot help.

Nova Poshta chatbot
Nova Poshta chatbot gathers and presents appropriate information through the convenient interface — messenger.


The client has the opportunity to get info easily and quickly, in the meantime the analyst identifies transaction costs. It leads to reducing the workload for the call department. We will take into consideration automation of working process in the next post.

Another case is the chatbot as corporate media that Chatbots.Studio has developed previously for client. Farms, factories or mine companies have internal and external team. There is the issue of how to engage with external team that is outside and share information without delay. To resolve the problem, our client implemented a chatbot for staff communication and accessing to corporate info and media. Also, it helps to be accustomed for new employees with colleagues and superiors.


So, we considered the first benefit that impacts the business bottom line. As can be seen, chatbots can be a great back up for gathering information and management of said information.

Keep an eye out for our latest news: we will consider the next benefit, “Automation of the working process” and how it could increase financial indicators.


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Does HubSpot understand the true value of Conversational UI? [Research of 2019]]

HubSpot recently published a course for Conversational UI that is a good place to understand how the top marketing players are thinking about the place and future of chatbots in the space of client engagement.

To be honest, I got upset. It is not about Hubspot’s solution, its capabilities or features. It is about the limited value of Chatbots propagated by HubSpot.



Let’s take a look at it in detail. The key scenario related to chatbots is supporting the leads on the website, and lead gathering and validation. That is, all activities related to interaction in before-sales stage. Having automation in sales is very important and could be very valuable, but it vital and key for the business? I think in most cases it is nice-too-have. You may not be very effective in leads validation and still be in good shape.

HubSpot, limited with the web widget on website, is missing the key marketing/sales value of chatbot in B2C area: once a customer get subscribed to a chatbot your can generate an interaction with him on with a very high level of opening rate and personalization. Once you have invested a lot in bringing your customer to a bot, it is important to leverage the maximum presence in the communication channel.

Let me share some examples from our recent works: Canabis is getting legalized in Canada at the end of October and yet we already have a Facebook bot to sell it. The whole logic of the bot is built on how to generate repetitive sales from the customer. What is the best order time? Most preferred flavor and type of product? There’s nothing about validation of a lead or addressing of FAQ.

Metro is using a Viber chatbot to replace a loyalty card for its clients in Ukraine. That is not only more convenient for customers (you do not need to carry anything or and download an app) but really quite effective in the sales process.

loyalty card in Messenger
More efficient sales process through loyalty card in Messenger


I could bring out many more examples, but the main idea remains the same, HubSpot should rethink the place of chatbots from meeting the customer to make him/her linked to an agency.

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Marketing for Chatbot Development Companies [21 Places to Share Content]

Working with digital marketing strategy, and developing inbound strategy, I’ve asked our marketers to put together a list of the best places for publishing content. Obviously, writing and publishing posts or articles via a Medium based blog isn’t nearly enough. It’s just one place people might discover your content.

I have asked Marketers to research social media groups and other places where our chatbot related content could be published. We investigated and gathered the top places you could share your content, from the mainstream to the narrow niche.

We don’t claim that it is the only, comprehensive list of useful sources, but it’s one that really works.

How did marketers selected sources?

  • number of followers/visitors (from 1k)
  • target audience should be related to Business, Tech industries
  • active post publishing (from 2 per week)


Marketers selected groups in the following order.

SM groups:

  • LinkedIn — place for professional networking allows for finding the right source and audience.
  • Facebook — an unspecialized platform with a wide range of dissemination of information. Acts like a word of mouth.
  • Telegram — fast-growing source to publish content that can be read at breakfast.


Others — resources that have good indexing by Google. There are easy ways to show expertise and readiness to interact with the audience.

If you want to add more resources or you want to help us improve our investigations, feel free to drop a comment below.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups

  • Social Media Marketing is the place where you can share your successes or failures, anything that will help others be successful in social media, post news, ideas. Target audience: interactive advertising and marketing professionals. 1m 800k followers.
  • On Startups is the place where you can discuss issues with marketing, sales, financing, operations, hiring and publish content related to your startup or company. Target audience: marketers, recruiters, sales, startupers. 641k followers.
  • Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more is the place where you can publish high value content related to digital marketing, ask and answer questions. Target audience: professionals working with digital marketing, social media, search, mobile,marketing, content marketing, marketing cloud, data marketing,personalised marketing advertising, pr, events, jobs, social media,, interactive & digital media. 419k followers.
  • IT Specialist Network is the place for publishing and discussion of issues and topics related to information technology in general. Target audience: developers, marketing specialists, recruiters, and enthusiasts. 234k followers.
  • Information Technology Managers Group — dedicated to the communications and sharing of information between IT managers. Target audience: IT workers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, stratupers. 14k followers.
  • Chatbots ★ Virtual Assistants ★ Intelligent Agents ★ Conversational AI — here you have the opportunity to discuss issues or share content related to Chatbot Smart Advisors, Conversational systems Voice NLP, AI, Assistant Agent Machine Learning, B2B Sales, Marketing, Software VR. To learn and share experience about Watson, Siri, and Cortana Bots. Target audience: chatbot developers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and stratupers. 2.5k followers.
  • Chatbot Professionals — here you can promote what you are working on and present yourself as an industry leader. Target audience: chatbot industry leaders, marketers, developers, startupers, enthusiasts. 2.3k followers.
  • Chatbot Summit — there are gathered International event series connecting the professionals and organizations who involved in NLP. Target audience: chatbot developers, enthusiasts, speakers, engaged in organization, marketers. 1k followers.
  • Chatbot Enthusiasts is the place where you can discuss chatbots, share your knowledge and get feedback from experts in chatbot industry. Target audience: enthusiasts, developers, startupers, marketers, sales. 1k followers.


Facebook Groups

  • Bot is the place where you can share expertise about chatbots, AI, NLP, Messengers for chatbots. Target audience: Chatbot developers, marketers, sales, managers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs. 31k followers.
  • Social Media for Entrepreneurs is the place you can publish and study entrepreneurs how to grow, scale, and monetize their social media presence online. Share your success stories and biggest mistakes with the fastest feedback. Target audience: entrepreneurs, marketers, sales, advertisers, business development managers. 31k followers.
  • Superstar SEO — here you have the opportunity to answer questions, discuss techniques and share your successes. Target audience: entrepreneurs, marketers, interested in SEO, SMM, marketer-students, business development managers, advertisers, and journalists. 23k followers.
  • Digital Marketing Questions — here you have the opportunity to ask questions, network and share relevant industry content. Target audience: all digital marketing professionals (or people who want to learn — SEO, PPC, social, Analytics. 12k followers.
  • Chatbot Developers is the place for chatbot developers that working with different bot platform. Here you can discuss practices, solutions, issues you faced with for UI/UX. Target audience: chatbot developers for e.g. Messenger, Telegram, LINE, Kik, Slack or any other bot platform. 6k followers.
  • ChatBots Startups — here you can publish Articles about the Chatbots industry, news, links and/or startups, etc. Target audience: anyone interested in Chatbots projects/startups. 2.5k followers.
  • Smart Chatbots Strategies — here you can post ideas & strategies, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share valuable content. Target audience: entrepreneurs, startupers, marketers, advertisers, and business development managers. 2.5k followers.
  • Chatbot Startups — the group is meant to people who can share expertise and post value content. Target audience: developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. 1.6k followers.
  • Chatbot Directory — here you can ask and answer questions, share expertise and post own chatbots created on different platforms for different messengers. Target audience: chatbot developers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and enthusiasts. 1k followers.


We couldn’t find at least two groups in Telegram related to Chatbot implementation in business, development or Marketing in English. Please share below in comments if you happen to know a few of them. There is only one community where you can share expertise in startups in general.


Telegram channel:

  • Entrepreneurial journey is a community for entrepreneurs / startupers. Here you have the chance to find your co-founder, seek support, and share your startup journey. Target audience: entrepreneurs, marketers, recruiters, marketers, founders,and startupers. 1.5k followers.



  • Chatbots Magazine — is the place where you can learn and share content on how bots work, what customer can do with them, how to do it, and what the big issues are. Also, articles could be about artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, etc. 100k+ readers.
  • Chatsbots Life — is the place to share content related to Bot News, Info, AI & NLP, Tools, Tutorials & More.


Why did I exclude a few groups?

Looking through the list I asked the marketer to exclude a few groups that, at first glance, seem relevant to publishing content. I divided the excluded groups into a few sections:


If you want to read more valuable content from Chatbots.Studio, let me know in the comments below or click clap.

If you have the list of places to publish content that works pretty well, please share it with us and we’ll include it in the existing list.


Also, we love to develop chatbots. Feel free to contact me if you want to develop your chatbots and we will conduct an assessment in 2 business days for a FREE and demo bot in 1 week.

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Top Chatbot Benefits [How Chatbots Improve Cross-Selling]

This is the final article in the series on the benefits of using chatbot for business. Previously, Chatbots.Studio considered cost reduction and profits increase benefits. Let’s discuss cross-selling as a means to boost sales with a bot in messengers.


Bot- seller, one of the most preferable for entrepreneurs because of the value it directly brings. The bot works in the following way. While the prospect is putting a lot of thoughts into common questions that influence purchasing decisions, the sales chatbot could simply ask, “What are you looking for?” and guide buyers to the appropriate categories.

The marketer has a list of potential or existing leads most often in messengers community or web providing support and sales for clients. Beauty product seller Sephora has increased sales of 11% by taking advantage of Facebook’s Messenger chatbot service, which automates responses and customer support.


Please take a look below to understand how Sephora bot increased sales by offering additional goods.


Making the most personalized offers, Sephora bot has made amazing results increasing sales.


Marketers divided customer into three types:

  • Client at first time came to the Shopping center, or just subscribed to the newsletters. In this case METRO motivates buyer come back again or invite buyer to visit the shop;
  • Existing buyers. Marketers’ main goal is increasing quantity of goods that client buy;
  • Client loses interest to METRO goods. Marketers have to keep them loyal to the shop. Via content, METRO says to ex-buyers: “Where are you going? I still love you and have something interesting for you”.


How the chatbot can help to satisfy three types of buyers?

Marketers create the value offer for each types of buyer and distribute these via messenger.


Also METRO offers buyers a digital discount card via chatbot in Viber messenger. It simplifies customer engagement with a company. To start chatting with bot, just scan the QR code and you will be redirect to Viber messenger.

Metro bot helps to get card
Metro bot helps to get card or browse through existing card


Let’s consider scenarios of cross-selling with a bot in messenger. Then I’ll demonstrate relevant examples that explain each of the mentioned below scenario:

  • Bot sends discounts card, promo codes or newsletters with offers to customer. For better understanding, you can find QR codes that link to a bot with a discount coupon or promo code.
  • Bot sends personalized offers for the customer according to their previous behavior in the bot or inputs.


METRO Cash&Carry is a great example of how to increase cross-selling using digital strategies, especially chatbot in messengers. Digital tools allow to increase conversion up to 57%. Let’s consider how they gained such amazing results within the confines of the chatbot.

Let’s consider the first scenario to understand how it works in real business cases.

Jasper’s Market sends the coupon with a 20% discount to existing clients. In the meantime, clients can find the store and check the working hours. It leads to cross sale without live sales or marketer’s help.


Another example of the aforementioned scenario is cross-selling according to previous customers’ input. Telecom Co. bot informs a customer about the ability to device plan upgrading through the conversational interface. Thus the bot having remembering previous customer’s input makes the most appropriate and personalized offer.

Telecom Co. chatbot
Telecom Co. chatbot upsells customer to drive new revenue

As we mentioned previously, the benefits should be identified and explored with metrics to understand how it impacts the bottom line:

  • Cost of attraction client to number of cross-sales;
  • Net Promoter Score.


As can be seen, a chatbot is really a smart solution for up- and cross-selling without additional assistance. It helps sales concentrate on important tasks and in the meantime, do cross-selling. However, it is worth remembering that a chatbot isn’t the one correct solution for each and every business. It really works great in coordination with other sales strategies. So, follow me and stay on top of chatbots novelties.

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