How Chatbots Optimise Information Management [Top 5 Chatbot Benefits]

It is the first article from the line of benefits of using a chatbot for business. Let’s consider how information management optimization impacts the bottom line.

Information management optimizations imply data converted into a convenient form with easy access for the customer.


When Chatbots.Studio team discussed this benefit, we thought about why a chatbot is better than any software at providing information management optimization. The chatbot reduces the time of searching for useful information due to quick access and fast answers for the customer. It is better to enter a preferable messenger and ask the bot in the natural language then download an application, allow access to personal data and then look for info in different sections.

Let’s consider information management optimization as one of the ways to reduce work costs.

There are metrics to measure how it works best for your business:

  • Transaction cost per one client;
  • % transactions executed with a chatbot;
  • The total cost of service.

Nova Poshta chatbot — is a Ukrainian delivery service. It is one of the best examples to understand how optimization of information management can work in business cases. Nova Poshta provides access to the necessary information via mobile app, web or call center. But almost a quarter of customers prefer to chat with bots. Taking into account the total clients’ notification, 24% of them come in from messengers.

Take a look at the example of tracking the order with chatbot help.

Nova Poshta chatbot gathers and presents appropriate information through the convenient interface — messenger.
Nova Poshta chatbot gathers and presents appropriate information through the convenient interface — messenger.

The client has the opportunity to get info easily and quickly, in the meantime, the analyst identifies transaction costs. It leads to reducing the workload for the call department. We will take into consideration the automation of the working process in the next post.

Another case is the chatbot as corporate media that Chatbots.Studio has developed previously for the client. Farms, factories or mine companies have an internal and external team. There is the issue of how to engage with an external team that is outside and shares information without delay. To resolve the problem, our client implemented a chatbot for staff communication and accessing to corporate info and media. Also, it helps to be accustomed to new employees with colleagues and superiors.


So, we considered the first benefit that impacts the business bottom line. As can be seen, chatbots can be a great back up for gathering information and management of said information.

Keep an eye out for our latest news: we will consider the next benefit, “Automation of the working process” and how it could increase financial indicators.