Meet Up In Berlin: Chatbot Experts Shared Experience of Managing AI Chatbot Project

Open-minded people who love technology and are genuinely passionate about chatbot will get together at the meetup How To Manage An AI Chatbot Development! 

AI Chatbots are different from other software projects not only in the nature of the project but also on the way how they should be managed.

We have reflected on the experience we have in Chatbots.Studio and would like to share with you our knowledge which is framed in the way of chatbot development methodology.

We will discuss during the event:

  • What should be covered in the requirements?
  • What is the split of responsibility between client and supplier?
  • What are the project milestones and deliverables at each project stage?
  • What are the key metrics of a project?
  • What are the unique success factors in AI chatbot development?

Meetup will be handled in the form of a workshop with cases discussion.

We are open to continuing the discussion about the methodology of Chatbots development. Just drop a line and we will share our knowledge with you.

See you at 6:30 pm 30th of October

Sankt Oberholz

Rosenthaler Strasse 72a, Berlin

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UPD: see below event photos