The Mountains Are Calling and We Will Answer

Work-life balance is one of the values for the Chatbots.Studio team. We know that great relaxation is the way to be inspired and healthy. We combined relaxation, healthy getaways and family days in a single memorable weekend in the MOUNTAINS! We’re happy to spend time with colleagues’ spouses and children.

The end of June was fun for the Chatbots.Studio team. All the team celebrated summer in the Carpathian Mountains, except for Dave. Two days were spent breathing clear air, playing guitar and climbing mountains, and generally making Dave (our American colleague) super jealous of how cool that sounds. All our children had fun with more than 15 doting parents at the same time!

During the sunny day, our team of brave colleagues reached the mountain top, others who are lovers of nature at the foot of the mountain savored local flavor 🙂

The end of the day was very calm and relaxing: the guys cooked meat on the grill and played guitar near a roaring bonfire.