Does HubSpot Understand the True Value of Conversational UI? [Research of 2019]]

HubSpot recently published a course for Conversational UI that is a good place to understand how the top marketing players are thinking about the place and future of chatbots in the space of client engagement.

To be honest, I got upset. It is not about Hubspot’s solution, its capabilities or features. It is about the limited value of Chatbots propagated by HubSpot.


Let’s take a look at it in detail. The key scenario related to chatbots is supporting the leads on the website, and lead gathering and validation. That is, all activities related to interaction in before-sales stage. Having automation in sales is very important and could be very valuable, but it vital and key for the business? I think in most cases it is nice-too-have. You may not be very effective in leads validation and still be in good shape.

HubSpot, limited with the web widget on website, is missing the key marketing/sales value of chatbot in B2C area: once a customer get subscribed to a chatbot your can generate an interaction with him on with a very high level of opening rate and personalization. Once you have invested a lot in bringing your customer to a bot, it is important to leverage the maximum presence in the communication channel.

Let me share some examples from our recent works: Canabis is getting legalized in Canada at the end of October and yet we already have a Facebook bot to sell it. The whole logic of the bot is built on how to generate repetitive sales from the customer. What is the best order time? Most preferred flavor and type of product? There’s nothing about validation of a lead or addressing of FAQ.

Metro is using a Viber chatbot to replace a loyalty card for its clients in Ukraine. That is not only more convenient for customers (you do not need to carry anything or and download an app) but really quite effective in the sales process.

I could bring out many more examples, but the main idea remains the same, HubSpot should rethink the place of chatbots from meeting the customer to make him/her linked to an agency.