top chatbot development agency worldwide is ranked as the second world best chatbot development company

As the title of this piece of news suggests, we can’t help but be insanely delighted to announce that Mobile App Daily featured Chatbots.Studio as the number two chatbot development agency worldwide, among the other 50 leaders of the industry.

While we’re no strangers to getting awards, we’re especially excited about this one, as it features some of our most world-renowned competitors with whom we are proud to be in the spirit of friendly competition. Also, the two leaders of this top list (Eleks and us) happen to be located in our native Lviv, Ukraine, which makes us even more happy.

This award signifies the hard work and the experience that we’ve mustered over the years, that has shaped our expertise that spans across numerous industries, technologies and business domains.

Having received this surge of motivation, we’re thrilled of what is next to come. Perhaps our next success is going to be working on your project. Drop us a line and let us both find out 😉