11 Most Valuable Chatbot Uses For the Insurance Industry

Working on a big project for a well-known insurance company gives us the confidence to share this information. The article is about how to bring your insurance business to the next level and get a profitable virtual assistant. So what are the main goals of a chatbot for insurance projects? Let’s dive deeply into the following five chatbot uses. 


Claims Automation

 Anyone can make the claims via website widget or chatbot in messenger. This allows for saving time and providing quick responses without human factors. It means that the chatbot, in most cases, will not make a mistake and create the wrong claims. 


Lead Generation and clients engagement: 
  • People prefer to buy services online, rather than going to offline points. Use it for lead generation and customer engagement. When a customer is surfing on the website, chatbot as a web widget is offering customized and best services based on personal surveys. At this stage, the client’s needs and insurance services are merging.
  • Clients and prospects interact with company virtual representative via a few channels: SMS, web widget, and messenger. This type of communication increases opens rates and conversions.
  • Through channels chatbot or live agent offers all types of services: starting from base insurance services up to personalized offers and discounts in the account.
  • Clients education with content publishing
  • Share content on social media (it is important considering people spend huge part of free time in socials). For more details see the next item.


Running advertising campaigns and promotions 
  • The chatbot provides a particularly welcoming manner service, so you can expect better conversion.
  • Promotion & Advertising. The chatbot sends promo messages of new rates and the latest offers.
  • News and all above can be sent to your audience via chatbot with a higher open rate than via traditional email, or postal mail.
  • Interaction in the right channel. The main chatbot goal in marketing is interaction with the audience in the place where it spends a lot of time – messenger and social media.


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Enhance customer support service
  • In the event of road accidents or other emergencies, a chatbot is able to notify the claims company, find the nearest medicine point, and order towing services.
  • In the case of regular or single visit the clinic, just push chatbot, send the information regarding doctors and provided services and the virtual assistant will cover the expenses (if it is agreed in the documentation you’ve signed).


If you ever thought about a chatbot, consider what is your main goal in doing so.


To provide detailed information and chatbot uses with countable indicators, feel free to ask us and we will figure something out together.


Please take a look again at these benefits and imagine all the stuff you would need to cover all the aforementioned actions. All of them could be covered by a chatbot, thereby saving time and money right away!