Top 5 Insurance Chatbot Examples: Most Valuable Use Cases

Insurance chatbot can bring your business to the next level and get a profitable virtual assistant. In this article, we will consider the most common use cases, benefits of chatbots in insurance, and check out some real chatbot examples in the car, life, and health insurance.

 Insurance Chatbot Use Cases

Automated claims processing

Claims processing is one of the most important functions of the insurance company. The speed and convenience of this process have a long bearing on the reputation of the insurance company. Making the claims via website widget or chatbot in messenger provides quick responses without any delays, meanwhile, information is stored in standardized document types. 



Lead generation and conversion 

Chatbot interacts with clients and prospects in a convenient and handy manner via SMS, web widget, or messenger – 24/7. Customer segmentation features offer customized customer experience based on personal surveys like starting from base insurance services up to personalized offers and discounts in the account. This type of communication increases opens rates and conversions.



Onboarding and FAQs

Chatbots in insurance can educate customers. Chatbot answers introduction how-to questions like how the process works, and then allows prospects to compare as well as suggest the optimal policy, from multiple carriers, based on the customer’s profile and inputs.



Feedback and loyalty

Instant messengers like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are a part of our daily life and the handy touchpoints with insurance companies. Insurance chatbot provides services in a particularly welcoming manner and with customer loyalty check questions it collects valuable feedback for the brand or services.


Advertising and promotion

Promo messages of new rates, the latest offers, and policy updates send information to a highly targeted audience. Chatbots have an open rate from 85% to 98% open rate that is significantly higher than via traditional email, or postal mail. Also, bots are the way cheaper than Pay-per-click ads campaigns.

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Customer support 

Chatbot is able to notify the claims company, find the nearest medicine point, and order towing services. In the case of regular or single visits to the clinic, just use the chatbot, send the information regarding doctors and provided services and the virtual assistant will cover the expenses (if it is agreed in the documentation you’ve signed).



Insurance types and chatbot examples

Most common insurance chatbot types are:

  • Health insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home insurance


  • Property Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Rental Insurance

Sensely – health insurance chatbot

Sensely’s chatbot-based platform assists insurance plan members and patients with the insurance services and healthcare resources they need when they need it. Sensely named a 2019 “Cool Vendor” in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence by Gartner.

Initially focused on remote patient monitoring for chronic diseases, the Sensely platform has broadened its reach and currently addresses a variety of use cases including symptom assessment, insurance underwriting, and pharmaceutical patient services programs.  Sensely’s global teams provide virtual assistant solutions to insurance companies, pharmaceutical clients, and hospital systems worldwide.


Insurify – car insurance chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Insurify – online car insurance shopping platform announced chatbot in 2017. They considered chatbot as an easier way to compare and buy auto insurance right from Facebook Messenger. 

Credits, Video

Insurmi – life insurance chatbot

Insurmi let customers easily find the best deal on a life insurance policy comparing rates from top US insurers. Insurmi life insurance chatbot use cases – Claims Handling, Sales, Customer Service.



Zara by Zurich UK – home insurance chatbot

Zurich UK has claims chatbot for the first notification of non-emergency car and home claims. The chatbot is called Zara.

“In a digital age, many of our customers expect to be able to interact with their insurer online and this pilot has allowed us to gauge interest in this type of innovative and exciting technology. The recent launch of Zurich’s UK Innovation Foundry also demonstrates that we’re truly dedicated to exploring new technologies for our customers and will seek out the innovative start-ups that will ultimately benefit them” – Chief Claims Officer at Zurich, David Nichols.



Showcase by Chatbots.Studio – car insurance chatbot for claims

Recently Chatbots.Studio built a car insurance chatbot to process claims for a UK client. Clients’ request was to automate administrative tasks, customer journeys, and to create a chatbot that can collect rich data from customers as part of an insurance claim.

Car Insurance chatbot use case by Chatbots.Studio

Case study


We developed a front- and backend for a chatbot that supports a structured process for gathering data. Its features include integrations with third-party services that enable customers to validate their identity through the chatbot, view different legal documents, and sign those documents all in the same location. The client provided us a design for the frontend and Chatbots.Studio team has provided the technical implementation of the solution using AngularJS on the frontend and Botkit on the backend.

Case study


Car insurance chatbot features:

  • Connection with users via appropriate messenger or web widget
  • Vehicle registration number recognition from an uploaded photo
  • Fetching vehicle data by its number plate
  • Connection with a live agent (like Intercom) inside the chat flow
  • Location recognizing to find the place of accident
  • After the filling form chatbot offers to sign it to avoid additional insurance company visit
  • Payment for the request entering card code

Case study


Detailed information like tech stack about insurance chatbot case studies go to our portfolio.

Chatbot.Studio focused on the conversational design and chatbot development. Our bots serve in banking, insurance, telecom, and other companies. They handle about 7000 conversations per hour on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, and Telegram.

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