Our Customers Recognise the Importance of Chatbots [Clutch.co]

If you’ve heard of us, you’ve probably heard of chatbots before. These automation tools have so many uses no matter your industry — insurance, manufacturing, education, you name it. But if you don’t build it right, it can very well be another gimmick in your marketing portfolio.

But with the right agency, you can make money off of a chatbot. Studies have shown that chatbots can improve an app, especially when it comes to customer engagement. Having a 24-hour customer service agent can up your buyer satisfaction rates without investing in more human resources.

Our clients know this, and we’re humbled to be their choice for chatbot development.

As a tried-and-true developer for all things chatbot-related, we’re the top United Kingdom developer according to Clutch, the B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their shortlist counterpart The Manifests puts us as number 17 in Ukraine among AI developers thanks to our 4.9 average review score and proven ability to deliver.

One of our happy customers is VARUS, one of the largest supermarket chains based in Ukraine. They needed help finding a way to streamline customer engagement and improve their feedback mechanisms. 

In response, we created a Facebook Messenger chatbot. It collected phone numbers and other information through a virtual discount card that buyers could scan as a QR code. That helped us organize all their customers’ information and feedback into a database, making it easy for VARUS to find and address buyer claims and complaints.



We were proud to see that almost 18,000 clients added the virtual card within the first day and that 60,000 found the card within the week via the Facebook Messenger bot. But what really makes our success extra sweet is that VARUS left us perfect ratings on their Clutch review of our services.

We couldn’t be happier to see that our investment in the client experience paid off. 

Even if you’re not a large national corporation, we’re here to improve your customer engagement and take your business to another level. 

For a small healthcare app, we built a chatbot that allows patients to communicate with medical professionals. The app takes users’ information and connects them to the best professional for the job. 

The app is still in testing, but all signs point to a successful launch going forward. We look forward to seeing their success and are humbled to earn 5-star scores across the board for our efforts.

“For now, the chatbot functions perfectly. Our next goal is to discover how comfortable our customers are with using the app and find anything that needs changing. I’m happy with our engagement.” – CEO, Software Development Company

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