Marketing for Chatbots Companies [10 Ways to Get Inbound Traffic]

Chatbots.Studio is a highly specialised agency with an exclusive and dedicated focus on chatbot development. Once, I asked myself — how others work in this niche and in what ways do they attract clients?

Below you can find info about inbound and outbound channels of interaction. The analysis also includes the ways in which companies present themselves and conclusions based on the observed information.

Before sharing the information itself, let me show you the methodology we used to collect and analyze information.

We checked which channels have been used by chatbot development companies. The right side explains why it is important to include it in our analysis.

Why did we choose those criteria?

Blog — prospects could find the site in the fastest possible way if the blog includes SEO keywords.

Medium and Quora — both resources have good indexing by Google. There are easy ways to show expertise. Amount and quality of posts and show us professionalism and readiness to interact with the audience.

Crunch — an easy way to find your target audience representing expertise and being in the list of companies with services you provide.

Clutch — there are collected services companies. An easy way to represent itself and find a potential clients.

Social Media — not specialized platforms with a wide range of dissemination of information. Acts like word of mouth.

Press — editions could lead prospects to find the site in search systems.

E-mail marketing — we checked the opportunity to subscribe and get the email of a prospect.

Live interaction — meetups.

Rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months.

SEO keywords — ideas and topics that define what your content is about.

Following companies were selected by:

Keywords in Google search: chatbot development agency, chatbot company, chatbot development companies.

Quora list of chatbots development agencies (or chatbot development companies).

Clutch list of Top Artificial Intelligence agencies.

The investigation is open for your consideration. If you have any idea of how to improve it or I missed the good company, please drop a comment on this article.

What does mean +, +-, -?

+ agency actively gathers traffic using the mentioned communication channel

+- agency рas inactive account or almost doesn’t work with the channel

— the agency doesn’t  use a communication channel


So, take a look at the table below to learn more about agency strategies to attract traffic.

So what could we learn from the information mentioned above?

We observed several interesting strategies for using inbound marketing by chatbot development companies.

Creation of their own media and related resources. Taking into the count global market, a few companies gather traffic through their own free platforms, which allows them to publish content and share expertise. It thereby creates the image of authoritative chatbot developers but requires additional efforts.

Well-known media also is a great way to promote content aside from Facebook, LinkedIn or other curated blog sites. Soon you will get more clicks or redirects to your main site. About 70% of the mentioned companies use it as an opportunity to express themselves.

One more method to attract attention and show deep expertise is providing training courses for entrepreneurs and junior devs.

Surfing the related resources, we noticed another an infrequently used strategy, as being the educator of a small company (Oh my bot!). They don’t care about customers, as they are provided by the parent company. This approach works with, for example, Oh My Bot!, KRDS’ subsidiary. Some of them provide chatbot development as a part of software and marketing services, for example, Vis-a-vis.

On average, each company uses 3 channels of communication. The following is the most popular:

Medium. Agencies post articles related to their expertise: AI, Machine Learning, bots’ benefits for industries, marketing solutions. We divided agencies that post on Medium into few types:

  • active: 50+ claps and 200+ followers. Average of 2 articles per week.
  • less active: — appear in searches or have only a few posts with no more than 50 claps.


Quora. Agencies posts articles in section “Technologies”, “Science”. Most agencies don’t have a company account. Nevertheless CEOs public questions and answers on their own behalf while building their human brand. Marketers use it to build expertise and authority on a chosen topic. Post content is the same as Medium. Types of agencies involving to Quora:

  • active: publish posts with the same content to Medium. Each post has 50+ views and 5+ shares
  • less active: the company representative asked or answered questions
  • inactive: company name appears in searches with keywords: chatbot, chatbot development, and chatbot agencies.

Twitter. Mostly there are posts and shares about participation in tech events, news, last projects. Agencies use it to promote brand posting latest tech news, activities and showcasing projects not only to find clients but also represent themselves as an employer. Types of chatbot dev agencies on Twitter:

  • active: 200+ followers, 2+ shares and 5+ per week posts
  • less active: twitter isn’t the main channel of communication. The account includes only a few posts or the last post was published more than a month ago.
  • inactive: an agency doesn’t have an account or the account is empty.

We keep working to investigate how chatbot development agencies get inbound traffic. I want to read more great content from Chatbot.Studio? Click on the left and let us know in the comments below.

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