5 Chatbot Uses For Air Conditioning Companies

These 5 uses of chatbot is dedicated to everyone who is involved in air conditioning business homes, businesses, and projects.

To be successful with your target audience, the first rule is building a trusting relationship and valuable engagement. So, the client will be connecting with you in different ways to get your services. The engagement must be quick and supported 24/7 regardless of working hours.

The chatbot could be implemented for different aims: starting from internal staff communication up to content marketing.

With that in mind, I deep-dived into this type of business and found out 5 uses of a chatbot that would work best for you.

Service request

As you are an air conditioning equipment company, you get many requests regarding technical issues or conditioning implementation. These requests could be held by chatbot: accepting, selecting and passing to appropriate specialist or department. Then after a request for service, a chatbot provides service status to assure the client that his or her needs will be covered.

Complaints and feedback

The customers knows that in the event of any problem, they can report and get feedback from a chatbot. Get customer reviews and feedback on your air conditioning services and improve their experience. As a result of trust-filled relationships, clients will get back always and use your services again.

24/7 customer support

Despite different Australian time zones, your customer will get feedback at any time (even if your account manager is sleeping:). After chatbot implementation, call centers’ workflow is reduced by up to 50 percent. The reason is that customers’ desire to write about a problem rather than call a support representative. This is the most popular scenario of using a chatbot in business. You’ll get both happy call center staff and satisfied clients. Nice!


The most valuable chatbot benefit. Clients can order your air conditioning services and delivery through messenger or web widget. There is the last trend that works: selling services in an environment where your target audience lives: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, etc. You can insert into the messenger where your bot is and a payment method and then get more revenue. Just let your customers know about the new way of communication and shopping. To get more information, read Top Chatbot Benefits: Chatbot as a New Sales Channel for Small Business .

Besides sales, your clients could book an appointment to implement air conditioning system in messenger. Chatbot offers the service, time for implementation and staff (if it is possible). Of course, you can always add more chatbot features in messenger.

Internal communication

For your quick growth, a company that has more than 550 employees, internal communication is a priority of teamwork. Chatbot in company messengers (like slack) coordinate workflow, assigns tasks, accepts the results, notifies regarding birthdays, upcoming events, unfinished tasks. So, a chatbot could be a global company project manager.

Please, take a look again on these benefits. Just imagine how much stuff you need to cover all the actions mentioned above, Not to mention all the money wasted. All of these tasks could be handled by a chatbot. Saving time and money there! 🙂