Before chatbot development, there should be identified the NLP Engine, programming language, and database management system.

The full technical landscape is presented in the video. 

Conversational Engine component manages the conversational logic, maintain the session, route the conversation between interfaces. To play out these actions, developers could use the solutions Botkin, Botpress or use own by using the plain programming.

NLP Engine component defines intents (Natural Language Understanding), holds the context of the conversation. The possible solutions to implement mentioned actions are Luis, DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, and

Live agent component is a dedicated software which is used to handle the conversation takeover from the bot to real human. Such software should provide the interface for chatting with a user, history of conversation, the ability to support simultaneous conversation with several users and etc. FB, for example, has its own interface for live agents while unfortunately, it is lacking many enterprise features.

UI framework component presents a layer for the web bot and admin part. Angular and React are most commonly used options. If you are building web widget please you may use already existing components. We recommend our clients use


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