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Chatbot Development Process

Welcome to the Chatbot Development Course!

Chatbots.Studio created the course for developers and business owners to understand how to build chatbot in a  step by step manner.

Our chatbot developer shows you how to build conversational interfaces in messengers with a chatbot’s deep understanding of user intents and producing the relevant answer.

What will you take away from the course:

  • Recommendations for Node.js server and chatbot development
  • How to work with HTTP methods. What exactly is Webhook?
  • How to work with Git and GitFlow
  • What is .env? How to get the configuration for the local and production server.
  • How to work with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • Asynchrony in Node.js. Promises


Lecture 1

Web Development Basics

In the first lesson, the student can learn how to build a very basic one-page website. This lesson is for you if you ever want to create simple chatbot, but also have no idea where to start. This is if you want a step by step overview on the basics.

No one can start learning web development without the right foundation. Learn these tips and let’s build the right basic chatbot together!

What will you learn from this lecture?

  • What is Node.js and it works?
  • How to initialize your Node.js project?
  • How to create “Hello world” Express.js server
  • Introduction to Express.js syntax


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